SOME STUFFS/HAWAIIAN MUSIC CORNER: Tia Carrere & Daniel Ho win Best Hawaiian Music Album honor at 2009 Grammy Awards

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Congratulations are in order for Tia Carrere & Daniel Ho for winning the Best Hawaiian Music Album award for their collaboration album, Ikena (as reviewed in The Run-Off Groove #227.) The award was given out during the pre-broadcast ceremonies.

(The album can be ordered directly from Daniel Ho Creations.)

SOME STUFFS/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: The Kleptones offer a “Bale Out”

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I myself could care less about the man, but there’s a guy named Christian Bale who made the headlines last week by arguing on the set of a film, the recording of which circulated to the media. It was a tirade, an outrage, either that or maybe the media were tired of hyping the non-talents of Britney Spears and wondering how much bigger Jessica Simpson can be (hint: “much bigger”).

Nonetheless, The Kleptones felt that they could combine talents and show what it would sound like if Bale entered the studio to make a song. The results can be heard in a brand new track called “Who Cares (Bale Out Remix)“. Try it out for yourself.