REVIEW: Phillip Wilkerson’s “Secret”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Tranqulity: it’s not something I actively seek in music but when it comes across, I want to immerse myself in its crevice. Philip Wilkerson is someone who creates the kind of music that if you turned off your mind, relaxed, and floated down stream, you might find yourself on another distant planet. Secret (Clinical Archives) is simple by design, for it is almost nothing but electronic drones, or at least it’s one sound continuing throughout the song. With one sound there can be variations, or the sound can enter different textures, and that’s the joy into listening to something like this.

The best track happens to be the title track, and at first I thought I was listening to the intro to Yes‘ “Close To The Edge”, complete with the sound of birds. There are sounds that sounds a bit like water, maybe a river or a brook, but in the distance a constant drone, could be spiritual, could have a much grander meaning, could be just a sound. Within that, the sound of mysterious radio or television frequencies, sometimes in other languages other than my own. It is understood, but not by me, so could the other sounds be languages of people long gone? I don’t know. Secret is perfect for kicking back and just vibing, or if you wish to take some substances, do it in the comfort of home or with friends, because I will not be to blame if you listen to this in your car and 12 minute later end up in a ditch with a smile on you face. Oh you know you had a smile, because the picture was on the evening news. Why were you on a country road in the first place, listening to this album while driving 100mph? That’s the mystery, but what’s not a mystery is the beauty of this album, minimalistic flake ornaments for the crystal tree in your heart of hearts.

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REVIEW: Windowbox Ensemble’s “Will Of The Wood”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Windowbox Ensemble play chamber music, at least that was the premise I was given upon reading a description of Will Of The Wood, which is to suggest the will of the music is within the instruments made out of wood (or something like that). Considering some of the other things I’ve heard on the Clinical Archives label, I expected this to be some kind of mind-expanding electronic or experimental presentation. Instead it’s chamber music, sometimes incredibly sparse, other times with light accompaniment. But it’s a brilliant recording nonetheless.

What I liked is that at times it could be really romantic, yet for all I know these could be songs with a darker, more sinister purpose. Something in this makes me feel it is the former, but what do I know>

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REVIEW: Orvonton’s “Pequenos Cuentos”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Orvonton is an electronic music project from Mexico, or more specifically sounds that are a mixture of IDM and what some call click or blip-hop. Pequenos Cuentos (Clinical Archives) is an album that begins very subtle, ambient way where things are almost rhythmless in an Aphex Twin way. It takes about two minutes before the sounds multiply in order to pulsate and groove to where it feels as if your speakers will blow up because of all of the bass and low frequencies. It’s a very intense listen that in some parts of the album are a bit like progressive rock, or progressive electronica where it’s as if the song wants to jump track.

I would like to hear this mixed a bit better, as some songs demand a proper mix and some of it sounds sterile, or at least I would like to hear more movement in the mix. Otherwise, it’s a really good album, an album that you cam observe from all angles.

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