RECORD CRACK: Linos Portable USB record player (concept)

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Record collectors, cratediggers, and vinyl junkies have often looked for portability when it comes to taking your music on the go. Many praise the Soundburger, others have chosen the Soundwagon or the infamous Vinyl Killer. But here is a record player that may take off it it proceeds further than it being a concept.

It’s a portable USB record player created by Linos, and as you can see, this thing is very sleek. It could be the perfect record player for beginners, especially those who don’t want to get technical with more expensive turntables. Plus, you can fit it in your pocket or backpack. To find out more about this concept player, click to Gizmodo.

(Mahalo to Brian Jones for the tip.)

VIDEO: Greenhouse’s “Cold Out Here” music video trailer

A trailer/preview for a music video? Normally I’d pass something like this off, but this is Greenhouse, who are Blueprint and Illogic, I’m not going to pass this up.

Outside of the fantastic video quality of the trailer, I love how you’re hearing a breakbeat from an album on Blue Thumb Records, and yet the record you see on the turntable is an LP on RSO. Foolishness! Looking forward to seeing the full video.