VIDEO: Creed Chameleon’s “Morning Blessing”

I haven’t heard his new album yet, but Hawai’is own Creed Chameleon is back with a new one and a video has been created for the song “Morning Blessing”. Watching this video shows the power of hip-hop and how it has transferred over to the middle of the Pacific to brew up acknowledgment of its roots with its own special blends and ingredaments, Auntie Marialani style. For me, watching this video only gets me homesick for the people and the land I will forever call my own. As my man Juando Reyes would say, I LIKE CRAI NOW. Hui Creed, we go eat.

(SIDENOTE: Spock the Maili Lunch Wagon. Much respect.)

Morning Blessing from DJ JIMMY TACO on Vimeo.

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