VIDEO: Grillade’s “Dream of You (Emotionally Yours)”

A few days ago I Tweeted about vocalist Ragen Fykes. I became a fan of hers when she did vocals on the track Braille and Symbolyc One did together called “It’s Nineteen”, a song I felt was the best hip-hop song of 2009, and decided to investigate by checking out what else she had. She simply posted that she was in a group called Grillade, and a few days later, the good people at Okayplayer post a Grillade video, so here it is.

For Miss Fykes, this is that higher she sang about in “It’s Nineteen”, so introduce yourself to her again and Grillade. Pave the way for Grillade smoothness in 2011.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: D-Sisive’s “No More Words”/”If…”

D-Sisive is always thinking about doing things in a unique manner, and he recently recorded an album with production by Muneshine. “No More Words” and “If…” are being passed along to fans and you can download both songs for free by clicking here, both with complimentary instrumentals.

D-Sisive will be releasing another album on November 28th called Jonestown.2:Jimmy Go Bye Bye, and it will be available for free. Stay tuned.

VIDEO: Inverse Phase’s “Fucked 6502” (8-bit Cee-Lo cover)

Cee-Lo has been very fortunate in that people are covering his songs like, um, crazy. Here is yet another cover of his latest hit, “Fuck You”, and this time it’s brought back to 1981. It was created by Inverse Phase and is called “Fucked 6502”, and it will bring back memories of the Commodore VIC-20 or the Nintendo Game Boy. 8-bit funk is always nice. You can purchase the song as a 320kbps MP3, lossless FLAC, or a number of other file times by heading to

The song has been out since September, but didn’t notice it until tREBLEFREE posted it and made it aware to me.