VIDEO: Yuck’s “Rubber”

Are these guys really “grunge revivalists”? It depends. Grunge was really hard rock, and with some bands there were punk influences. Then you add pop for a bit of harmony, turn the tempo from slow to fast and it could be anything from stoner rock to indie rock. This is a band called Yuck with a video that may not be for all viewers. They call it “Rubber”, and it involves a woman and a dog. No, not in the manner you’re thinking (or desire, and if you do desire that kind of crap, go elsewhere), but you will see fingers entering an anus. WHAT? Yeah, Yuck indeed.

Find out what these guys are about, and how this video (directed by Michael Reich) may be one of the more interesting of the year. Make sure to get your anti-bacterial ready.

The song is taken from a 12″ single of the same name released last month. It paves the way for a full-length debut album due out in 2011. to hear a remix of “Rubber” made by Mogwai, head to RCRD LBL.

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