REVIEW: Robotanists’ “Plans In Progress”

Photobucket Robotanists are a group you want to believe in because the moment you hear the lure of Sarah Ellquist‘s voice mixed in with sounds that are both ethereal and insistent, you want to know about the next set of twists to come. Plans In Progress (Overhead) has a lot of different things going for them, from the dreamy and tranquil pop of “Terminal A” (the bassline from Daniel DeBlanke must be heard) to the delicious force of “Luggage Vs. Baggage”.

The seven songs here (probably classified as an EP but actually a short album) have the potential to be huge hits in 2011, especially the rally-crew of “The Ghost You’re Haunting”, one can only hope that the fans who need to hear this will bring them to the promised land.

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