RECORD CRACK: Northless ready to release “Clandestine Abuse”

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Northless fans get ready: the band is about to go on tour in support of their forthcoming album, Clandestine Abuse (Gilead Media/Halo Of Flies).

The Milwakee, Wisconsin band are being honored in Chicago with their own burger at a metal-themed restaurant called Kuma’s Corner. Heavy metal and foodies are a great union, and in this case the Northless burger is described as consisting of a “10oz (beef) patty, caramelized onion puree, herbed garlic butter, roasted red pepper and serrano coulis, and fresh fried mint.” My friends, that’s not a double quarter pounder, but a 5/8 pounder, a mouthful of beef WITH a caramelized onion puree AND herbed garlic butter? C’mon now! But back to the music.

For this release, vinyl will be the only way to obtain it although Gilead does plan on offering it digitally about a month later. You can pre-order the double LP directly from Gilead Media. You can stream the album in its entirety by clicking over to

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  1. The LP comes with a digital download card so you can download high quality mp3s. Just sayin’.

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