REVIEW: Mystéfy’s “Me”

Photobucket Stephanie Pierre is a Canadian jazz vocalist who goes by the nom de plume Mystéfy and on her album simply titled Me (H’art/Phoenix Music Group) she shares her gift of voice and her love for music on a solid album.

It sounds like a very laid back lounge album, the kind where you might invite a few guests over to your home to simply enjoy the music along with the scenery, and I say this because it sounds a bit too honest and real to be contained in a coffee house. There’s almost a sense of dark luxury in her voice, as heard in “Creatures”, she reminds me a bit of a more adventurous Anne Pigalle. I enjoy hear approach in tracks like “Learn Just To Be”, and “We Are Through”, and there’s something about the way she sings that makes you want to hear more, which is rare for me as someone who comes across an insane amount of crappy jazz vocal albums. This isn’t one of them. A fine addition to anyone’s jazz collection.

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