REVIEW: Dark Buddha Rising’s “Abyssolute Transfinite”

Photobucket This album caught me completely by surprise. I went into it knowing nothing but that this was death metal. I’m happy with this. I look at the songs and its individual lengths: massive tracks. I’m warming up. I then listen, and I’m thinking this is not quite death metal. It’s more gloomy and doomy… aaah, that’s it, doom metal. Awesome. But then about midway through the first song, “Ashtakra I”, they take off into a completely different musical direction with different tempo and structure. Oh, there’s keyboards? What the hell is this?

“This” is a band out of Finland called Dark Buddha Rising, and I’m loving the slighty kung fu vibe of their moniker. Abyssolute Transfinite (Waste Of Space/Post-RBMM) is an album that mixes up a bit of doom and gloom with psych touches. In other words, you want to hear music that sounds apocalyptic, but you’re going to do it with a freshly made bong and opiates. Let’s add another word you might not expect in this equation: progressive. Yes, Dark Buddha Rising touch on a few prog rock touches without actually being too “prog rock”, if that makes any sense. There are a lot of moments of genius on this, as the group will take you on a trip and create some moving drone passages with cool guitar work, and then as you “see” yourself getting deeper, they either keep you going in beautiful repetition or switch to a new place and bring back the doom. Danzig wishes he was this clever and heavy. Imagine Melvins, Monster Magnet and Buzzov•en if they were into heavy doom. There’s a nice punky influence too, which may come from the garage punk of the late 60’s/early 70’s than anything and… let’s just say that I went into this assuming very little, but came out of it rewarded in ways I never expected. Nice to hear metal sound this good.

SOME STUFFS: Das Racist tell Frankie “screw you, we’re going to do it” for new album

This is the cover for the forthcoming Das Racist album, simply called Relax (Greedhead Music), which is something the group has not done in the last two years. They’re running towards your musical heart (awwwww) but… in truth, this is just a continuation of their mission to kick people on the head with their brand of addicting music. Take them on as a favorite.

Here’s the official track listing with production credits. The album is scheduled for release on the 13th of September.
1. Relax (Produced by Das Racist and Patrick Wimberly)
2. Michael Jackson (Produced by Das Racist and Patrick Wimberly)
3. Brand New Dance (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
4. Middle of The Cake (Produced by Anand Wilder)
5. Girl (Produced by Blood Diamonds)
6. Shut Up, Man feat. El-P (Produced by El-P)
7. Happy Rappy (Produced by Diplo)
8. Booty In The Air (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
9. Power feat. Danny Brown and Despot (Produced by Dash Speaks)
10. Punjabi Song feat. Bikram Singh (Produced by J-La)
11. Selena (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
12. Rainbow In The Dark (Produced by J-La)
13. The Trick (Produced by ROSTAM)
14. Celebration (Produced by Francis Farewell Starlite)

AUDIO: DJ Shadow featuring Afrikan Boy’s “‘I Am Excited”

You have heard a buzz about new music, maybe towards a new album that may be coming out, maybe not. Oh, it is. This is DJ Shadow‘s new single that’s already getting a strong response online, this one featuring Afrikan Boy on vocals. It’s a scorcher, and seems to be a subliminal dis to another music producer, complete with audio assassination at the end. In the words of the Geto Boys, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but that’s what I hear. Now you here, by clicking here.

AUDIO: Sole’s “The Casey Anthony Blues”

I’ve known of Sole since the days when you had to pay an hourly rate for world wide web access on Prodigy. One of hip-hop’s endearing “digital immigrants”, he continues to record music and speak his mind with a ruthless passion, and anyone who listens, yay or nay, can’t help but say he’s one of the hardest working out there. Keeping himself of the times, this is a brand new track called “The Casey Anthony Blues”. Those of you outside of the U.S. may be unfamiliar with Casey Anthony and her story, but she had been on trial for the death of her young daughter, and a jury turned in a not guilty verdict on all of the major charges. Rather than get to it in full, do a Google search or click to this CNN article. “The Casey Anthony Blues” may be one of many views out there, but to hear it in music form, so quickly after the verdict came down three days ago, shows determination on Sole’s part.

Sole has a deep discography, both hard copy and digital, you can access some of his digital archives by clicking to his Soundcloud page.

VIDEO: Electric Wire Hustle’s “Again”

New Zealand has been a secret hot spot for incredible music, and as of now, not too many people out side of Australasia know this, but this will one day soon change. Electric Wire Hustle have been creating music for a few years and have done a considerable amount of traveling. Yet when you see their new video “Again”, you’re going to think “where have these guys been all my life, and how can I keep them there?”

The group are currently on tour in Europe, including a date this Saturday at the North Sea Jaw Festival, where they are the only Kiwi band to perform there this year. If you like what you hear and see, get to them in person.

8 July Kassablanca, Jena, Germany
9 July North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
10 July The Garden Festival, Zadar, Croatia
15 July The Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
16 July Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium
17 July Colours Of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
22 July Boogie Brain Festival, Szczecin, Poland
27 July Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany
28 July The Atomic Cafe, Munich, Germany
29 July Rotunde, Bochum, Germany
31 July Appelsap Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4 August Stadtmusik Fesitval, Basel, Switzerland
5 August The Big Chill, Ledbury, UK