RECORD CRACK: Pre-orders being taken for new Krallice album

Krallice released their album Dimensional Bleedthrough (which I reviewed here) last year, and would follow it up in less than a year with Diotima. For Krallice vinyl junkies, they’ve had to wait a little longer but the wait will be over, as Gilead Media will be releasing Diotima as a double LP. Copies will be shipped on or around September 20th, and you can pre-order your copy directly from Gilead Media by clicking to Gilead Media’s online store.

The vinyl will be released on 180g black vinyl, and only black. To make it even more interesting, record collectors will love the fact that the covers are being made with “tip-on” jackets, the old style of covers where the “slick” is pasted on the cardboard cover (for a visual example, click here.)

Pre-orders for the album are being taken now, and can be purchased two different ways:

1) The double LP as is
2) The double LP + a T-shirt

This T-shirt will only be available if you purchase the LP/shirt combo, it will not be sold separately. Take advantage of it while you can, and again, buy it directly from the Gilead Media’s online store.

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