VIDEO: Phèdre’s “In Decay”

This video is credited as being “NSFW”, but I didn’t see anything that was offensive, overly or otherwise. Then again, considering that your job or school can see every bit of information you receive through their servers, it’s best to let you know about this before hand.

Why NSFW? Well, it’s a bunch of people in costume smearing and tasting each other in different liquids and syrups, so is being erotic and exotic offensive? To some people yes, so you may want to watch this in the privacy of your own home. There’s food, there’s tongues, there’s legs, there’s leg pits, so there’s a lot of skin to taste and feast on. Or is it the somewhat disturbing ending that has nothing to do with humans?

Aaah, now did that make you want to click this video? Good. It’s okay to get your favorite syrups and pour it all over your friends for tasting purposes, I am 100% in support of this. However, the ending goes over the edge, but it’s just that right amount of freaky that’ll make Phèdre‘s “In Decay” worth watching, and all of this with a song that has a nice disco feel. You might expect the body tasting imagery, but not that happens at the end.

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