FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Old Monk’s “Sacred Birds”

These are Old Monk from Brooklyn, and they are an indie rock band who just released their debut album, Birds Of Belize, on Eeenie Meenie Records. While bands like Pavement come to mind, I also hear elements of The Jam, The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and that kind of raucous rock’n’roll that has made pop punk such a force in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and early 90’s. It brings back that good spirit without being completely retro and dated, this is very much a modern band adding their own unique twists to a familiar feeling.

Hear if you see what I mean with the song “Sacred Birds”.

If you like what you hear, and you’re in New York City this month, they are having a residency at the Cakeshop beginning tonight (February 1st), and will be there every Wednesday night, so check them out and show some love.


FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Big Baby Gandhi’s “Hi It’s Me, Baby”

With a jug of doodh in his hand, Big Baby Gandhi is ready to rupture your nature with a brand new song for the sing-a-long.

The song, produced by Hot Sugar (who co-produced The Roots‘s “Sleep” with ?uestlove), is called “Hi It’s Me, Baby” (3.1mb), which is what you might say if you saw a baby come out of Big Baby Gandhi’s vagina. SICK! He will be releasing a full-length album on Greedhead very soon, so squeeze it.

(NOTE: Big Baby Gandhi does not have a vagina.)

SOME STUFFS: oOoOO ready to reveal electro-sounds

I am aware of OOIOO, but now I am now becoming aware of oOoOO.

oOoOO is an artist who will be releasing Our Loving Is Hurting Us (Tri Angle Records) on April 10th, and what you are able to hear is a song from the EP called “NoWayBack”, which features Butterclock. Have a listen.

oOoOO will be doing a number of shows this month beginning tonight in Berlin (since by the time this is posted, it will be the 2nd of February in Berlin), and at the end of the month he will be coming into the US to perform in San Francisco, so get your tickets or show up. Here are the dates:

February 2… Berlin, Germany @ Berghain/Panorama Bar * ^
February 4… London, UK @ Hackney Downs Studios * #
February 10… Paris, FR @ Point Ephemere *
February 22… San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop !

* = w/ Balam Acab & Holy Other
^ = w/ Kuedo
# = w/ Romy xx & Haxan Cloak DJ Set
! = w/ Grimes

SOME STUFFS: Big Sir to release album, and when they do… tour they go

Two California dates, a 6-week time-out, and then they head to Europe? Get ready, as Big Sir are taking their music to the streets. Big Sir are going on tour in support of Before Gardens After Gardens, which will be released on February 7th (my review of which you can read here),

February 19… Hollywood, CA @ Hemingway’s *
February 20… Long Beach, CA @ Harvelle’s *
April 9… Hamburg, GER @ Hafenklang
April 11… Leipzig, GER @ Ilses Erika
April 13… Innsbruck, AUS @ Los Gurkos
April 14… Bolzano, IT @ TBA
April 17… Rome, IT @ Ausgang / Locanda Atlantide
April 19… Trieste, IT @ Etnoblog
April 20… Rimini, IT @ Velvet
April 21… Livorno, IT @ Cage
April 22… Genova, IT @ La Claque
April 24… Birmingham, UK @ The Ballroom/The End
April 25… Manchester, UK @ Sound Control
April 26… Swansea, UK @ 22 Project Promotion/The Garage
April 27… Bristol, UK @ The Croft
April 28… London, UK @ The Old Blue Last (Binnacle Festival)

* w/ Eureka The Butcher+Sadah Luna (Marcel Rodriguez Lopez from Zechs Marquise)

RECORD CRACK: Papercuts’ MOCKINGBIRD makes its vinyl debut

(Photo by Jill Karjian, used with permission.)
If you’re a fan of Jason Quever‘s Papercuts, you’ll be able to know that an album originally released solely on CD will be released for the first time on vinyl. Consider it a Valentine’s Day gift.

Mockingbird was originally released in 2004 by Antenna Farm Records, and was the follow-up to their debut, 2000’s Rejoicing Songs. In the early 2000’s (oh, so long ago…), it seemed that the compact disc was still the king although the mainstream embrace of the MP3 format basically killed the format. However, vinyl (as always) reigned supreme but this indie album didn’t make it onto the format until 8 years after the fact. If you pre-order your copy directly from the label, you get a bonus poster AND bonus 7″ 45 featuring two previously unreleased songs from the Mockingbird sessions, along with code to download the 10-song album + 2 bonus tracks as MP3’s. Not a bad deal at all.

You can also pre-order the LP from Amazon below.

OBITUARY: Don Cornelius (1936-2012)


  • Every Saturday, he wished us “love, peace… and soul.” Unfortunately, the anchor and creator of the hottest dance show on television is no more, with reports this morning that Don Cornelius was found dead in his home from an apparent, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 75 years old.
  • Soul Train played a big role in the music I was already a fan of, at a time when you truly had to seek and find what you loved. If you lived in an area that did not have a strong African-American community, and if like me you were not black, that made it a bit harder. In my youth, there was a lot of great soul and funk on the radio, and fortunately I had parents who loved the music, along with aunties who made going to discos a part of their weekend activities. But before the internet, before chat rooms, before MTV, Soul Train was very much social and interactive media, for it allowed us to not only see how we can dance (as a way to check out the latest and modern dance moves), but it made us discover that the songs we heard on our parent’s stereos or radios could motivate us to move. Don Cornelius may not have invented the dance show, but at a time when some televised dance shows were segregated (often due to “community standards” of the time), Cornelius said “here it is, love it or ignore us”. Some hated it, while many said “wow, this is the music I love, and everybody in the studio is dancing, smiling, and having a good time.” For us kids, it was a peak into the sexy too. We all wanted to grow up and dance with Cheryl Song, I think any of us who watched wanted to dance on Soul Train. I did, I wanted to be in the Soul Train line with a fine lady, so I can groove, do the robot, and celebrate her and the music, which in turn celebrated life.

    Don Cornelius was the creator, the host, the master, the genius, the coolest man with the coolest voice and elegant demeanor, and Soul Train was often where one could see artists relaxed and open without the hype that the pop mainstream would want to extract and push. In other words, if an artist was on American Bandstand, they would do the do and promote themselves. On Soul Train, they wouldn’t have to put on a facade, for they were at home and relaxed, and would sometimes be more open in answering a question or two. They were themselves, and it was like going to a backyard party. Soul Train was the party we all wanted to be on, and all of us wanted to be able to ride and party down like the rhythm of the Soul Train train.

  • To Don Cornelius, you were very much like a musical uncle to me and millions of others who wished to party with the vision and outlook you once shared. Your influence will continue to be honored and discussed for a long time. Thank you, and r.i.p.