VIDEO: Rickolus’ “Coyote And Mule”

Is this video meant to be an exhibit of dead media, a means to encapsulate ones memories in a visual form? Then again, one can also say the same thing about this video, but then again, isn’t that the point?

An exhibit of an exhibit, regardless of how you interpret it, it is the new video by Rickolus, and if you’re thinking “wait, isn’t this a bit of an homage to what was seen in Pink Floyd‘s The Wall, which in itself was a play on the back cover of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma as a means of continuity”, then you would have hit the nail on the music junkie’s head.

The song is the title track from his new album, released last Tuesday on Portland’s Circle Into Square label. The entire album was recorded on his 4-track cassette recorder, which is very much “old school” in the digital world we live in, but when it means simply recording music anytime, anywhere, why question it?

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