REVIEW: Starlings, TN’s “Heartache In 4/4 Time”

Photobucket Starlings, TN have been making music for a decade, and with Heartache In 4/4 Time (Chicken Ranch), they sound comfortable enough to where they could be doing this for another decade or two, and hopefully they will.

What I like about this style of music, where the lines between folk, folk rock, country, and Americana are blurred, is that they are heartfelt stories that are meant to pull on the heartstrings and make you feel, look back, and take a step back on yourself and the life you live. These are mere diary entries from Steven Stubblefield, all done as a means to tell and share his stories as a means of guidance. If not for others, then definitely for himself, as songs like “You Will Heal”, “Suffer No More”, and the honest “(Tonight) I’m Just Lookin’ To Get Laid” are the kind of songs you’d probably write and sing to yourself if you were in a strange city or town, wanting everything the world offers but all you have is whisky, cigarettes, and one pair of socks. It’s bluesy, rootsy, powerful, sad, and very much a part of the myth of what “Americana” represents: a travelogue for the sole that becomes myth when there’s glory, but the true glory comes from going through rough times in order to find a sense of sanity.

In other words, the title is only a partial hint: Heartache In 4/4 Time. The full scope of the journey resides in each of the album’s 12 songs, and pressing play is the first step towards looking forward.

(Heartache In 4/4 Time will be released on March 13th.)

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