VIDEO: Canto I’s “Pull”

Canto I – “PULL.” from Outbox Records on Vimeo.

Damn, these guys made a new album and I wasn’t even aware of it? I must hear this, but you can hear one of the tracks with the video Canto I made for the song “Pull”. Don’t push it away, have a look-see, then check out their album, 24KARATLXVE, courtesy of Outbox Records.

VIDEO: Rudebwoy Roscoe & Gprime’s “No Cuff”

If you enter a room and see a bunch of people dry-humping, would you walk out? Tell your answer to Rudebwoy Roscoe and Gprime, as they did just that in “No Cuff”, which is backwartds for “Fuck On”. Do they show anyone “fucking on”? Also, when you “fuck on”, is that like “get your groove on”, or having sex “on the surface of” something? When alcohol is involved, who knows and who cares? But is it controlled alcoholism mixed with a bit of that “fuck on”? Again, tell them.

The instrumental is really cool, and I hope others will decide to create their mixes of “No Cuff”, with or without cuff.

There’s also a great shot in this video of a woman with a pink wig who looks like she’s squeezing out an egg. A bit of “in the club” brekkie?