FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Jealov’s “Lives”


Yeah, you’re probably thinking “damn, is this guy ever going to stop releasing music so I can allow it to simmer?” Fortunately for fans, the answer is no, but this one may be a bit easier to consume, as Lives is a live recording from a performance in Brussels, Belgium. He is making the full 45 minute recording available for free. Here is the track listing:

N_A (conflicted copy)
unable.. sorry
Zwarte Zon
Just, Love
Parts ‘n’ Goodies
All Eye Try

It’s uncertain where Jealov is headed to, or what will be next. He may be Jealov, he may turn into Vuurwerk. For all we know, he may turn into someone else, he may turn into three more things, or he may swallow himself. Sound is patient, it is the human that is not. Sit back.

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