FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Dominic Lord’s “Old English

Dominic Lord was once a member of the A$AP collective, but now he has departed in order to take care of things, music, and life on his own. While the unique twists and turns in his music may immediately bring to mind the unpredictable side of the OFWGKTA collective, listen a bit deeper, peel the layers and you’ll begin to hear Dominic Lord as being… Dominic Lord.

“Old English” has to do less about the malt liquor beverage and more about the lettering style, or maybe it has nothing to do with anything. However, I looked at the cover which represents the song, and I see the OE lettering. I thought “oh, let me see something”. As heavy metal fans know, the logo for Ronnie James Dio’s band was said to have spelled out the word “DEVIL” if you flipped the logo, which is in the Old English lettering style, upside down.

I decided to do the same with Dominic Lord’s logo.

What does that say? If Dominic wanted to do a new mix of this track with another MC, he could claim that the cover says “FEAT”, as in “featuring”, as a way to say that he always had plans on doing another version “featuring” another person collaboration with him. Then again, that might also say TEAD, TLAD, or if he’s into making desserts, he could say it says FLAN.

Eh, maybe not. Nonetheless, enjoy “Old English” on its own merits and listen to it anyway you want, including upside-down if you wish.

If you missed it, check out the very cool video he did for “Pierced”, which features old school MTV-style edits, and an exotic/luxurious look that gives the song a unique perspective.

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