REVIEW: Boyd Lee Dunlop’s “The Lake Reflections”

Boyd Lee Dunlop Upon looking at the cover, I thought the album was that of Lee Dunlop Boyd, as Boyd was printed in big and bold letters. This is not the case, as this is music by pianist Boyd Lee Dunlop, and The Lake Reflections (Mr. B Sharp) is a bold and strong recording of solo piano improvisations.

These albums can sometimes be an endurance test, for the musician is without accompaniment and they play music and pieces that border on that thin line between genius and being tedious. Dunlop plays the kind of music that sounds like one would play alone at home, simply satisfying the self muse that is ourselves, or maybe playing these in a way that is meant to entice someone else in the room. These are songs with an incredible amount of vitality, and for a musician who will turn 87 this year, that’s not a bad thing at all. Even in songs that may appear to sound sad or melancholy, his playing always leads to a brighter path, and maybe that’s not so much the genius of Dunlop, but rather a way of using his outlook in life through the music he plays on the piano.

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