REVIEW: Metal Mother’s “Ionika”

Metal Mother photo MetalMotherII_cover_zpseb52b88c.jpg Oakland-based vocalist Tara Tati has returned once again as Metal Mother, and if her eccentric side wasn’t obvious with her debut album, wait until you listen to what she offers with album #2. Ionika (Post Primal) could be considered pop music if pop music was this adventurous, and that’s not taking away anything from the adventurists out there but… let’s just say that Tati has a creative side that shows how much she wants to explore, and while she could easily do it in a civil manner, she realizes that this is an uncivilized world. In order to get her music across, she’ll keep one foot on each side of the worldly equation, and that’s what you get in a track like “Prism”, which could easily be a pop hit today in the vein of Lady Gaga or Karmin, with hints of Siouxsie Sioux and Kate Bush. Perhaps the duality image on the album cover shows she can be two beings that may share the same mind, and it’s up for listeners to decide which part of her to like the most.

Just when you think she could allow herself to drift in pop purification, she does a few things vocally, lyrically, and musically that will immediately take her out of the system, and that’s a good thing. With songs like “Doomdome”, “Tactillium”, and “mind_off”, Tati is someone who either refuses to let go of what she holds true, or what we’re listening to is the sound of someone who let herself years ago, and we’re hearing her beautiful fall. If it’s the latter, I hope this fall never ends.

(Ionika is scheduled for release on April 16th.)

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