REVIEW: ECID’s “Post Euphoria” (EP)

ECID photo EcidPE_cover_zps3702e185.jpg ECID’s Post Euphoria EP (Fill In The Breaks) is just the latest of projects he has been involved with over the years, this one has him executing things on his own as he always has. He may come off nerdy and quirky at first, but listen to him a bit deeper and his wit is used as a means to slit open your mind to discover what he’s about. Does he actually have a private made as he states in “Dream Boat”? Will he never get signed to a label unless he forges his own signature, as stated in “Insomniac By Choice”? Are the only things ECID needs in life are sex, weed, and yoga, as he eloquently establishes in “Burn Everything”? He may fly off the head at a rapid pace with constant references to different things, but there’s a point in what he does, and when known and fully absorbed, it’ll lead to light epiphany and the realization that this guy has the skills.

When I first heard this EP, I thought perhaps he was from Hawai’i, as he has a similar vibe not unlike Creed Chameleon. As I listened to it a bit more, regardless of who I think he may sound like, ECID is just ECID and that’s a good thing, for I wouldn’t want him (or anyone) to sound like anyone else. Yes, there are shades of others in his lyrical schemes, but by the end of Post Euphoria I found myself wanting to listen to it again. This is said to be a companion piece to a new album (Pheromone Heavy) that’s on its way, so whether it’s meant to be played back to back or is merely an interim thing, this guy is doing it right and has been for awhile. May he be another MC to put himself into the forefront, or at least as far in the front as he wants.

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