REVIEW: Malkovich Music’s “Great Expectations”

Malkovich Music photo Malkovich13_cover_zpsfabbe804.jpg Malkovich Music has always been someone who sounds like he’s constantly on the go, but this time it’s as if he is on a serious mission. Great Expectations is his latest album, and while the vibe is very much of mid to late 90’s hip-hop, the consistency is quite solid and the insistence… well, that’s one of the trademarks of quality hip-hop: making sure everyone knows they know what you mean.

The lyrics are solid from start to finish, sorting things out as if a master plan is being created in front of your eyes and ears, and with a team that includes Omni, Gotham Green, Micah McKee and Ali Abnormal, it feels like you’re being confronted with power and all you have to do is wait for the mission to drop. Truth is, the mission has been dropped and you’re hearing a chemical reaction. It’s a solid album, and while some of the productions tend to slow things down a notch every now and then, I’d like to think that was Malkovich Music’s plan so that one is not always feeling elevated. Peaks and valleys means well constructed flow patterns, and he knows what he’s doing. Now hear how he does it well.

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