REVIEW: Martin Del Carpio’s “X”

Martin Del Carpio photo MartinDelCarpio_cover_zpsc48756da.jpg It has been awhile since I heard from the artist known as M., but revealing himself as Martin Del Carpio, his style of music still contains the type of power on his previous releases.

X has a few more pop touches than before, and it’s nice to hear him in this context. That’s not to say that my previous comparisons to nine inch nails and Ministry do not exist, because songs like “Afterglow” and “TheSilentsWereGolden” still show shades of both groups. However, some of these songs may sound like something you would expect on albums by the Boomtown Rats of Roy Orbison, where things may sound bittersweet but there’s a sense of hope somewhere within. What I like about Del Carpio’s music is that it leans more on the acoustic side of things, while balancing it with the electronic and synth pop that he has always been good in. The material here is quite good, and anyone who loves to hear music by someone who uses it as a reflection of their true emotions will enjoy what X is about.

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