VIDEO: Japanese Girls’ “Vancouver Grizzly”

This music video is making its official World Premiere here at

 photo JapaneseGirls_old_zps0c92dece.jpg
On TV, the phrase “Shark Week” brings people down to their knees so they can watch seven days of non-stop shark footage. This is much more exciting. Japanese Girls have released the EP Sharkweek (Light Organ) today, so it’s brand new and ready for listening. As you can see, this band from up north in Vancouver, British Columbia are not Japanese or girls, but are Caucasian men (Charlie Kerr, Graham Serl, Chris McClelland, and Oliver Mann) who are ready to bust out with their music towards Pacific Northwest dominance. They may be the type of band Narduwuar The Human Serviette would approve of, but don’t let him slow you down from coming up with your own opinion.

If the music moves you, opt to buy the EP as MP3’s (192kbps or 320kbps), lossless FLAC, or compact disc directly from

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