BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Martin Del Carpio’s “Godard” (EP)

 photo MartinDel_cover2_zpsd03c493e.jpg The music on Martin Del Carpio’s new release Godard could be described as a soundtrack album waiting to happen. When the EP opens with “Spring Snow”, one senses the start of something new, as the title suggests. Spring is here but snow has fallen, it’s time to venture out from one place to another and experience the season anew. I could sense credits flashing on the screen as its electronic dance groove and synths present scenes of a landscape or cityscape, slow but rising to the energetic pace it wishes to be at. “Rache” might feel like a song you might hear in the background of a scene but it works perfectly not as a perceived interlude but as a track that gets you from point A to point B, the means of passage. “Year Zero” strips of most of the electronics and is just Del Carpio, a guitar, and his voice where he sings “this is the year/stripped from all your fears/all that was left behind/all you have disappears”, establishing once again starting anew. “Politian” could be the EP’s “hit” (if one were to categorize the songs in that fashion) as it sounds like what would bring listeners and buyers to the soundtrack. It may be Godard moral to the stories, that is until the EP ends with the instrumental “The Last Idol”, where he plays a piano melody over a synthesized background before offering one last message before the last bits of sound are heard.

It’s quite bold and lush in moments, vulnerable and skeptical in others before those emotions fade into something strong. It’s a cimematic set of songs, and the visuals I get in my mind makes me want to experience my sound movie many times over.

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