REVIEW: “Scott Alexander Gets Distracted”

 photo ScottAlexander_cover_zpsfe991420.jpg On his latest EP, Scott Alexander serves as a social commentator on the world that was or is. The cover of the EP shows a laptop keyboard that spells out Scott Alexander Gets Distracted, and the EP gets into some of the things we are doing en masse to stay distracted, or keep us from taking the time to do rather than using certain websites as time killers. “Bad TV” focuses on the twisted worlds people want to get lost in to the point we become more obsessed with their lives than our own. “World Wide Web” is the entry way into what we seek, only for us to lead to luscious men and women in different types of positions, which may lead someone to tell us “You Could Be A Pervert”. No… really? The EP ends with something a bit more serious, the moral of the story of sorts, with “Pianoforte”, and it goes with the photo of a bunch of Scott Alexander puppets, all of it exact clones of one another and somewhere within it is the real man, almost looking lost and confused. How does one get out of that situation when it may seem everyone wants to be on the same path? I guess it’s a bit like the end of Yes’ “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” video, isn’t it? Maybe even thinking about that is a distraction. Scott Alexander Gets Distracted is modern day folklore by a clever humorist who knows how to make a point and drive it home, which is often done without humor. Listening to this is a valued distraction, and one that I think we all need to take our eyes and ears away from things that we don’t have to absolutely concentrate on. Consider this a musical defrag.

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