VIDEO: Bad Blocks’ “Circulate”

Bad Blocks photo BadBlocks_old_zps46ece14e_1.jpg
Aotearoa are strong once again with a new band making themselves known outside of Australasia, and they’re called Bad Blocks, who made a video to represent their new EP Circulate so they chose the title track, directed by Josh Prendeville, who is only 19 but has his eyes set for the future.

Bad Blocks – Circulate from Bad Blocks on Vimeo.

AUDIO: Grandbrothers’ “Naive Rider”

Grandmothers photo Grandbrothers_old_zps0fcca54b_1.jpg
If you are Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel and saw a bit of commonality in your music, it’s best to call yourselves Grandbrothers, and they did. They want to be around for a long time, so why not create a strong name as well as one that may be corny in the years to come, to show that they are a bit light-hearted? Maybe that’s not why they selected the name but it works and they have chosen it. The group combine their love of jazz and keyboard synthesizer wizardry to come up with something that mixes the old and the new without having people say they sound like either. After releasing their first EP two years ago, they have finished recording, mixing, and mastering their debut
album to be released by FILM on March 2rd called Dilation, which means you’ll be able to see and hear them widely very soon. Have a hint of their music by listening to “Naive Rider”, which sounds like the perfect music for television shows or films.

VIDEO: Imperial featuring Joshua Luke Smith’s “All Is Grace”

Imperial photo Imperial_old_zps0b3125f1.jpg
If you’re a fan of producer Imperial ,you’re going to love his new single. He worked with rapper Joshua Luke Smith who shows he’s not a bad singer as well, and he tells you why “All Is Grace” as he walks around with director James Green to capture the scenery. The song is the perfect way to let people what’s going on in England and to remind others about the power of UK hip-hop. If you like the song, you may download it for free below via Illect and Bandcamp.

FREE DL: Chromadrift’s “Europa Mission” (EP)

Newly released today is another project from Drew Miller, this time under the name Chromadrift and this time an EP with the title Europa Mission. Five songs in total, which includes a 13-minute closing track called “Night Terrors”, which is sure not to scare you (unless you’re determined to be scared) but it is meant to make you think, which is pretty much what his music is always about. You were able to preview “Night Terrors” here and now you can hear and download the project in full.

AUDIO: Kanye West, Paul McCartney & Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds (Christian Rich Rework)” (excerpt)

Christian Rich photo ChristianRIch_old_zps3a59ac0b_1.jpg
You may have already heard Kanye West’s new song, or perhaps you may have read too much news about the song’s co-producer, Paul McCartney, or the fact that it also features Rihanna. If you stayed away from the song due to personal morals, I would suggest listening to this remix of the song, or at least an excerpt of the remix. It was done by a duoo named Christian Rich and I am nicely surprised at how this is presented.

SOME STUFFS: Mochipet goes ‘shrooming with new EP

The good man known as Mochipet will be releasing a new EP next week Tuesday and I am sure the music will be as twisted as the title for it: Psilocybin Samurai. It doesn’t matter if you do mushrooms or not, but you may want to step away from ledges before listening. You can pre-order the EP above through Bandcamp.

AUDIO: OOFJ’s “I Forgive You”

OOFJ photo OOFJ_old_zps76d427c4_1.jpg
OOFJ are three months away from the release of their completely album Acute Feast (Ring The Alarm/Fake Diamond) but they’re not going to be lazy about things. They want to share a track from it called “I Forgive You” but you will not be forgiven if you don’t try it out right now. OOFJ are not named Ooo Ooglesteen or Franjalaki Jalakifran, but instead they are Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer, who are together as a couple and as musical companions. Acute Feast will be out on April 21st.

FREE MP3 DL: Draag’s “Gown” & “Hell”

 photo Draag_old_zpsa7a192ff.jpg
If you see a band/artist who are sitting in a meditative state, you can’t help but be impressed. Or you may say “they’re sitting in a certain way, I need to know what they’re hiding.” Draag may not be hiding something just yet, but they’re trying to pull you in their their glances. This Los Angeles-based bands, who are called “shoegaze rockers” (???) have released an EP today called Traci Lordz, and you have two songs to choose from. As for the song’s namesake, I had the poster the band are holding up below, back in high school. I liked Traci Lords, what can I say.

 photo Draag2_old_zpsa0e2ebcc.jpg

AUDIO: Zaped featuring Groszek’s “Eyes Collide”

Zaped photo Zaped_old_zps8906882e_1.jpg
Jordan de Pas is Zaped, and Zaped is very much Jordan de Pas. He is a home-grown producer who finds himself between Brisbane and his adopted home of Berlin and yes, I just ripped the first two sentences fro the press release so let’s make something up to mae it sound better. Zaped has a new single he did with Groszek called “Eyes Collide”, a hyperactive blend of electronic grooves and an ambient vibe that will not only make you dance, but it will lead you to remember it and remember it when you least expect it. At least that’s what de Pas/Zaped hopes you will do, so take the challenge with “Eyes Collide”. You’ll thank me later.