VIDEO: Mick Jenkins’ “P’s & Q’s”

Watching “P’s & Q’s”, I wish more hip-hop video directors were as clever as what was done in this new one by Mick Jenkins. I don’t particularly want to see the stereotypical things over and over and over and over, I want something different. It works very well, if not brilliantly, and when you got a damn good song from Jenkins, you know he is going to make Chicago proud.

Jenkins is coming to the west coast, head out and show some support.

June 10… Phoenix, AZ (Club Red)
June 11… San Diego, CA (Observatory)
June 12… Santa Ana, CA (Observatory)
June 13… Los Angeles, CA (Fonda)
June 16… Santa Cruz, CA (Catalyst)
June 17… San Francisco, CA ( Regency)
June 18… Eugene, OR (WOW Hall)
June 20… Seattle, WA (KUBE Radio Show)

VIDEO: Tony Millions’ “2k15 Freestyle”

Can showing substance abuse be enough to turn a song into a hit? You may see a bit of smoking and drinking in this but is it enough to make you want to hear this song repeatedly? It is the power of a good song and this one is good enough to want to play it over and over. He is Tony Millions and “2k15 Freestyle” is something that may or may not come off the head but the song may work excellently upon first listen, then second listen, and then on your 37th listen.

VIDEO: Free Weed’s “I’m Free”

Upon listening to the first few seconds, I thought this was a cover of The Who’s “I’m Free” from their 1969 album Tommy but once he said the song title (similar to The Who song) and heard the rest of the words, I realized it was not the same song. The similarities end at that point but it’s a new song by the group, taken from their Bad Diet album Introducing. The video was presented to the world by Steele O’Neal.

FREE DL: Pete Rock’s “Heaven & Earth”

Petestrumentals (Mello Music Group) is the forthcoming all-instrumental album from Pete Rock and just those names is enough to make people wait impatiently for it. If you can’t wait, then here’s a song for you to download and check out, it’s called “Heaven & Earth”. The album, the sequel to his album released 14 years ago, will be out on June 23rd.

VIDEO: La Lenguas’ “Love You All The Time”

There are a lot of dating-related TV shows out there but have you ever wondered what it’s like to date a sex doll? La Languas put it to the test in their new song “Love You All The Time”, which is a way to say the man in question is willing to love the doll all the time. The song is from their Burger Records EP Tears In My Milkshake, which was released today.