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ThisIsBooksMusic.com has returned

Officially, my website was in “maintenance mode”. To make a long story short, after eight years, I decided to find a new place to host the website, which coincided with the renewal of the domain. Finding a new place to host was the easy part, transferring the files was another story. Moving the files was easy but in the background, there needed to be a bit of “reconfiguring”. Nonethelesss, you are reading this, and that means the website is up and running. In the words of Chip Monck from Woodstock, “after a short intermission, we’ll continue.”

SOME STUFFS: The Good Graces release new album on Fort Lowell

 photo TheGoodGraces_old_zps4fc0b3c2.jpg
Fort Lowell Records had been one of my favorite labels out of Tucson, Arizona and it came to my surprise that they relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. I guess I wasn’t paying attention but fortunately it was a successful move and the music is continuing on. In fact, they just released a new album yesterday by The Good Graces called Close To The Sun, which has received some favoritism from a small number of website. Now it’s your turn to find out why. The album will be released on vonyl on October 28th so if you do not do the digital thing and prefer to wait until you can hear it on record, wait for four more weeks. You may stream the album in full by heading to Independend Clauses or if you’d like to sample one song from the bunch, listen to “Standing In Line” below.

 photo GoodGraces_cover_zps9376e985.jpg

AUDIO: Chynna & Hudson Mohawke’s “MadeInChynna”

Going to be honest: I didn’t get into the song until the beat kicked in, that’s when it became interesting. Chynna collaborated with Hudson Mohawke to create a song where they both do not give two fucks about it. Chynna gets all of Phildelphia flying, and that’s freedom. Unfortunately, the song is just a little over two minutes, I would’ve loved at least another verse. Maybe next episode…

SOME STUFFS: Mic Audio & Matcy P unite to create “Hometown Advantage”

You may already be familiar of rapper Mic Audio, and now he wants you to get to know more about producer Matcy P in a project they collaborated on, an EP called Hometown Advantage, representing both Chicago and Detroit. The EP was released yesterday so the music here is fresh and for the listening.

VIDEO: Orchestra Of Spheres’ “2,000,000 Years”

 photo OrchestraOS_old_zps7eb9fde6.jpg
The Rolling Stones once did a song called “2000 Light Years From Home” and almost a decade later, Kiss offered “100,000 Years”. Orchestra Of Spheres have not been the only band to cover a song with a timely theme but they’ve done so with “2,000,000 Years”, which is an intense amount of time to fear with.

They will be able to talk about time and other topics when they head on tour later this month:
October 18… Pomona, CA (Moon Block Party)
October 19… Los Angeles, CA (The Mint)
October 21… New York, NY (CMJ: Studio at Webster Hall)
October 25… New York, NY (CMJ: Pianos for BirdDog promo)
October 27… Chicago, IL (Beat Kitchen)
October 29… New Haven, CT (BAR)
October 30… Philadelphia, PA (North Star Bar)
October 31… Washington, DC (Fire30: Comet Ping Pong)
November 7… Reykjavík, Iceland (Airwaves Festival)

FREE MP3 DL: Relself’s “Robust”

You ever listened to Bonobo’s song “Antenna” and said “man, I wish someone would build a rap track over it? It has been done, and it has been done by Relself, who created “Robust” and made it such. Someone in the comments at Soundcloud said it reminded them a bit of Andre 3000.

AUDIO: Josh Jacobs featuring Naiya’s “New Day (Radio Edit)”

“New Day” is the new single from Brooklyn rapper Josh Jacobs, who some of you may have known as J.Kidd. Now with a new moniker, he is ready to get himself out to the public to let people know who he is and what he’s ab out. The song, produced by Treblemakerz, feaetures Maiya helping out. This is the radio edit, so make the mixes that you can to include him in it in order to win it.

SOME STUFFS: Stench stream new album in full

Venture (Agonia) is the new album by Stench and after posting a number of previews of what’s to come, the band and Agonia Records have made the album available as a stream. You can head to Decibel Magazine to hear it in full. Venture was released in Europe last week Friday, while it will make its presence known in North American on October 7th.

VIDEO: Horse Feathers’ “Violently Wild”

Horse Feathers will be releasing a new album next month called So It Is With Us (Kill Rock Stars) and as a hint of the magic, they’ve amde a video for “Violently Wild”, which they hope you will be as you listen. Or with a little bit of calmness involved. The album will be out on October 21st, you may pre-order a copy below (in the MP3, vinyl, and CD formats, respectively).

SOME STUFFS: Sly Stone’s Stone Flower label to be honored with a compilation

 photo SlyStoneStoneFlower_cover_zps95da6875.jpg
Fifteen years ago, I wrote a letter to Rhino Records and suggested that they release a compilation album putting together the songs Sylvester “Sly” Stewart released on Stone Flower Records, a small label distributed by Atlantic Records in the early 1970’s. Since Rhino was a Warner-affiliated label and they regularly reissued music on Atlantic, I thought it would be a good and easy idea to do. Instead, they told me that there is no value to an idea like that, since Stone Flower didn’t release any hits. In my mind, indie labels were releasing compilations full of soul, funk, disco, and doo-wop oddities, so why couldn’t Rhino handle this? I had asked because years before that, I had found a 45 on Stone Flower by Little Sister called “Somebody’s Watching You”/”Stanga”. It was clear that the music was played by Stone himself, but I had wanted to know more. I discovered that Stone Flower was Stone’s “travels” away from Epic Records and most of the music he released for it (only four 45’s in total) were recording during the sessions for There’s A Riot Going On. In a brief e-mail exchange I had years ago with Little Sister vocalist Vaetta “Vet” Stewart (Sly’s sister), there were plans for him to put together a full length album by his sister’s group but sometime in 1971, he finished his own album and essentially gave up with what Stone Flower represented, whatever it was.

43 years after the demise of Stone Flower and 15 years after my suggestion to Rhino, Seattle’s Light In The Attic label are releasing a compilation representing the short-lived Sly Stone label called I’m Just Like You: Sly’s Stone Flower 1969-70. The album will not only have the four 45’s released, but it will also have ten songs previously unreleased and uncirculated from the vaults, all remastered from the original master tapes. The MP3’s and CD versions were released today (September 30th) while a 2-record set will be out on November 4th, which will be out on lime green vinyl, to coincide with one of the original label’s colors.

FREE DL: To The Lovers, Farewell’s “Slice Up Not Across” (EP)

A festival of noise can and will be achieved in this new 3-track EP by To The Lovers, Farewell. It’s a new release on Red Venice Records called Slice Up Not Across, and this one is just nothing but feedback twisted in different ways.