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It is that time of the year where I have to bring this up one more time, but it is that time that I have to renew my web domain once more, and I am asking for your help.

What I am placing is a “tip cup” of sorts. If you enjoy the type of coverage that I feature here at ThisIsBooksMusic.com and would like for it to continue, I am looking for your donation to continue the website for another year, if not more. If you are able to “give a tip” to ThisIsBooksMusic.com, you can do so via PayPal by clicking here. Your private information is secure when you donate via PayPal, and you are also able to make a donation even if you are not a PayPal member. The deadline is September 30th.

While it would be nice for me to run advertising on my website, ThisIsBooksMusic.com is ad-free for a reason, and I’d like to keep it that way. The music I cover is the music I would like for you to listen to and discover for yourself, and pass the information along to those who you think would be interested. This website is about the music I like, support, and listen to on a regular basis, within as many genres as possible. I don’t pick and choose just to make random choices, these are my musical habits, and I share that on a regular basis. If the website is unable to be renewed, all donations will be refunded, no questions asked. If you are able to make a donation, I would be very appreciative.

AUDIO: Only You’s “The Mirror Of Dreams”

 photo OnlyYou_old_zps4e0f4610.jpg
His sound is very reminiscent of 80′s soundtracks, where there was at least one, five, or fourteen synth pop anthems, ready to become hints. Only You is an artist ready to make the penultimate hit, because he wants to be sure he is doing this for a long time. Even the title sounds straight out of the 80′s: “The Mirror OF Dreams”. In truth, it’s the type of pop music that is cherished because it moves listeners to believe and feel, and that is never dated.

SOME STUFFS: Dope Body to release 2nd album in October

 photo DopeBody_old_zpsc894e309.jpg
If you know of Dope Body, you may be surprised that they have a new album, considering they’ve been on the road for ages. Their debut was released on Drag City two years ago, pretty much stayed on the road for the last two years but they are returning with Lifer, again on Drag City, and will they take on another journey to the road? Most likely, but first you have to hear the new music first.

Yes, you got it, Dope Body already have shows set up for mid-October, with a few dates before that:
August 29… Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Night Bazaar)
September 26… College Park, MD (University of Maryland @ WMUC Third Rail)
October 16… New York, NY (Studio at Webster Hall)
October 17… Brooklyn, NY (Palisades)
October 18… Ithaca, NY (-Cornell University)
October 19… Happiness in Columbus, OH (Double Happiness)
October 20… Chicago, IL (Township)
October 21… Louisville, KY (Zanzabar)
October 22… Richmond, VA (Strange Matter)
October 24… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery)
October 25… Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda’s)

Lifer will hit virtual and digital streets on the 21st of October.

VIDEOS: Mortals’ “View From A Tower”

Cursed To See The Future (Relapse) is the new album from Mortals, who go out of their way to be as brutal as possible with everything they record, and “VIew From A Tower” is no exception. Videos like this make me happy that MTV is dead. They remind me of a cross between The Great Kat and Dickless.

AUDIO: Vomitface’s “Huffer”

 photo Vomitface_old_zps02d5e5bc.jpg
“Huffer” was written about this time Miley Cyrus came over to hang out our house while Keller was recording a grindcore band when we lived in Nashville. They were doing whatever they could to get blazed, including wrapping their faces in cellophane soaked in paint thinner. We found them in the basement out of their minds. They were mumbling incoherently about cannibalism and the last supper.

If that isn’t one of the most interesting/fakest means of publicity to get a new song across, I don’t know what would be, but fuck it, they are Vomitface and they have a new song called “Huffer”, and they want you to hear it. Did that paragraph motivate you to listen? Good, they have done their job. Their job will continue when their self-titled EP will be released next week Monday on Bad Companion Records.

VIDEO: Jigz The Flyer’s “Never Done”

Opium Fields is the name of Meriden, Connecticut’s Jigz The Flyer’s new album, and to allow you inside for a hint, he made a video for one of its songs, “Never Done”. This means it has been done, as directed by Cody Kussoy.

FREE MP3 DL: The Gromble’s “Don’t Stand A Chance”

 photo TheGromble_old_zps2a3f767c.jpg
The Gromble want to prove that Los Angeles is not just a city of false dreams and nightmares, but that when it comes to music, you can still find hope within the superhyped. The five-piece combo have released a new single called “Don’t Stand A Chance”, which they hope will be an answer to other artists who may want to dare measure up to them. It’s all in fun, but The Gromble could pull it off. Give them a chance today.

SOME STUFFS: The Rentals return with new album in September

 photo TheRentals_old_zps2ba49c7b.jpg
The Rentals and a contract with Madonna’s Maverick label? Long gone, old news, where you been?

New news? After taking a 15 year break, The Rentals are going to release a new album called Lost In Alphaville and are now signed to Polyvinyl. The album will be released on August 25th in the U.S. and September 8th in the UK. Check out a song from the forthcoming album, this one is called “1000 Seasons”. To pre-order the record on coke-bottle colored vinyl, head on over to TheRentals.com.

RECORD CRACK: Judas Priest get the audiophile treatment

 photo JudasMFSL_covers_zps2ced1619.jpg
One of the biggest heavy metal bands to this day is getting the audiophile treatment from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab not once, but three times.

  • 1982′s mammoth album Screaming For Vengeance will be mailed out from some stores today (Wednesday, July 23rd) so it’s your chance to hear the clarity of “Hellion/Electric Eye”, “Devil’s Child”, and of course “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” better than you ever have. While Judas Priest did find themselves getting rotated in the early days of MTV with previous works like “Breaking The Law”, “Heading On To The Highway” and “Don’t Go”, it was with Screaming For Vengeance that brought them to a much wider audience.
  • 1978 gave Judas Priest not just one album, but two. Stained Glass featured such anthems as “Beyond The Realms Of Death”, “Exciter”, “Better By You, Better Than Me”, and “Saints In Hell”, songs that have stood the test of time over the years.
  • Then came Killing Machine, the album we Americans know as Hell Bent For Leather because the original title seemed too suggestive. This is the one that gave the world “Delivering The Goods”, “Rock Forever”, “Evil Fantasies”, “Killing Machine”, “Hell Bent For Leather” and their awesome cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)”.

    Personally, I would have loved an MFSL pressing of Judas Priest’s Point Of Entry album, but no luck, perhaps in the next round.

  • BOOK’S JOOK: Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies”/”Shake Your Rump”

  • Book’s Jook is a column dedicated to placing a record within my dream jukebox, if I were to have one. The Seeburg jukebox shown below is similar to the one I have wanted since I was a kid. To read more on why I started this column, click here.

     photo BeastieBoysHL_45_zps148c33cf.jpg
    By the time I bought this 45 in August 1989, I had already fallen in love with Paul’s Boutique. I bought the cassingle of the Love American Style EP first before I picked up the 12″ for it, so “Hey Ladies” was something that was well known not only from what I had, but also from the video, which had a significant amount of airplay on MTV and BET. This was the follow-up to Licensed To Ill and it confused people because: the Beastie Boys went disco and the image in the video just seemed too weird for fans and viewers. Did this lead to millions of fans say “I’ve had it with these guys, they’re has-beens, I’m done”? Maybe, but it did keep a number of people interested because they liked what was perceived as weird. One of those people was me.

    “Hey Ladies” seemed odd to find on 45 because by 1989, most singles were either purchased as 12″ singles or cassette singles. The 45rpm single was still around, I had my copies of records by Tone Loc and Young MC in the format but other than that, it was becoming more difficult to find the hits on 45, even if they were made. The cassingle was king, and the rise in the CD single along with the growing dominance of the compact disc pretty much made those records a dated format, despite the fact people wanted it. Yet it was cool to have and cool to find when I was up at a record store in Spokane. I should’ve bought three copies, if not five, but one copy was what I could buy, and I did. It came in a generic Capitol sleeve, with the B-side being “Shake Your Rump”, just like the Love American Style EP. I drove home and it was cool to hear on 45. Paul’s Boutique is an album perfect for vinyl, and yet I bought it on LP a number of times, plus the CD and cassette. For me, it didn’t matter, but the 45 was a cherished item to have because I didn’t know if I would ever see it again, definitely not in the town I lived in.

    The only thing that was bad about the 45 was that the mixes used were taken from the album, not the 12″ mix so you could hear a brief excerpt of the wind from Pink Floyd’s “One Of These Days” as the extreme end of “Shake Your Rump”. I always thought it was odd, considering the 12″ had a proper mix ready made. Otherwise, to have both songs as a 45 was, and still is, very cool.

    I’m making this record a part of my installment of Book’s Jook this week because July 25th is the 25th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique. I’ve been waiting for this day, partly because I had intentions of going to the corner of Rivington and Ludlow in Manhattan, where the cover photo was shot. I wanted to be there to make my pilgrimage. When I was in New York City for the first and only time in my life, I was only 16 minutes away from that corner, but I played it safe. I just went to Tower Records in a taxi, walked to Midnight Records, walked back up to my hotel near Times Square, and that was that. There was little adventure that week other than going to New Music Seminar 11, eating a hot dog and finding Coconut Yoo-Hoo, but I was in the city where rap music was born, that was good enough for me. However, the next time I am in New York City, I have a lot of plans and one of them is to make it to the corner of Rivington and Ludlow, to say thank you in my own way.

  • AUDIO: Valentine Khan’s “In Khan We Trust” (full EP stream)

     photo ValentinoKhan_old_zps4b9f77d4.jpg
    In Khan We Trust is the new EP from newly-signed OWSLA artist Valentino Khan, whose work you may know if you’ve been keeping your ears to the pulse of whatever is pulsing these days, I don’t know. What I may not know, you should know very well, you know? Now he has a new set of music to himself, which you may hear in its entirety at this very second. Press play now and be enthused.