GIVEAWAY: Win a copy of Donn T.’s brand new album on vinyl

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If you’ve seen videos or heard new material by Donn T., you may know she has a new album out now called Flight Of The Donn T. and if you’ve been curious about it, you can how have a copy as part of giveaway I am holding for a week, courtesy of ‘stache media. It’s a chance for you to win the album on vinyl, released as a single LP. No trivia or multiple choice questions, just enter once and only once. Only residents of the United States are eligible for this, one entry only. All you have to do is write “Donn T. record giveaway” in the subject line, and then write your name and address within the e-mail text and sending it to me at Books.Musica [at] gmail [dot] com. Your name and address will not be placed on a mailing list, nor will they passed on to anyone else. The winner will be chosen on Monday, May 4th. When I choose the winner, all other e-mails will be deleted immediately. Please enter now.

RECORD CRACK: Six Six Seconds to release a 10″ single in June

Six Six Seconds photo SixSixSeconds_oldSML_zpshfhrcelo.jpg
Six Six Seconds are a duo consisting of Eden (no last name for now) and Karl O’Connor, a German group who have been using their pop craftiness for good, and they’re about to do so on June 1st on the Blackest Ever Black label when they release a new single called “Tearing Down Heaven” b/w “Reprise”. It will be released digitally but vinyl junkies will be able to have it as a 10″, which is quite nice.

You may have heard “Tearing Down Heaven” on a compilation three years ago on Downwards called So Click Heels. The single will extend the song a bit while the B-side is a “Reprise”, which means it caters to the original mix as a way to say “this is where you heard us first”. Only 500 copies of the 10″ will be made. You may listen to the A-side below, then consider pre-ordering it directly from Blackest Ever Black.

AUDIO: Little Children’s “Song #4″

Little Children photo LittleChildren_old_zpspjkucn6i.jpg
Sweden’s Little Children are “a loose collective based around the minor tuned and emotionally charged songwriting of Linus Lutti“, and now you know this, get to know more. If Lutti’s name is familiar, you may remember him as a member of the Idiot Kid. An Idiot no more, the Children will release an EP on June 2nd called Travelling Through Darkness (Cosmos) and rather than have a title somehow shape what a song could be like, check out “Song #4″. Plain and simple on the outside, but quite a bit more on the inside. Get into its innards.

AUDIO: Axwell & Ingrosso’s “On My Way (Valentino Khan Remix)”

The song sounds sped up, as if there’s too much battery power in the device but maybe that’s intentional, or maybe that’s how Valentino Khan made it. It busts out in a chun li matter with a blast of the fabulash, courtesy of Axwell & Ingrosso and if it makes you ridge up the nimnums, you’re close.

VIDEO: The Fantastic Plastics’ “NoNoGoGo”

The Fantastic Plastics photo FantasticPlastics_old_zpskolgsoet.jpg
“Electro grunge”? What the hell is that? Apparently it applies to The Fantastic Plastics, a duo from Brooklyn whose music just sounds like rough electro pop but if it sounds gritty, I guess anyone can claim it’s grungy. Well, regardless if what you actually call it, they have a new song called “NoNoGoGo” and they serve it up strong. BTW: The Fantastic Plastics are in no way related to the Japanese artist known as Fantastic Plastic Machine.

AUDIO: Tony Tellem’s “Single”

Los Angeles Tony Tellem wants to tell you something and more with a new street album called Help Me Help You and he wants to assist in helping you by letting you know about his new release. He won a Coast 2 Coast mixtape competition last year and he is hoping to step out of L.A. to show people what he is and how hard he can be. He did “Single” with producer Giovanni and it’s only a small part of the full meal deal, so have a listen to a slice, and then obtain more by heading to Soundcloud.

VIDEO: Lev’s “Shadow”

Lev photo Lev_old_zpsw7izqwhr.jpg
Her name is Holly Peyton but for all intents and purposes, call her LEV. She makes electro/pop/soul and wants you to give her a chance, and I think this is the best way to do it: listen. Or in this case, listen and watch. The visualization involves “Shadow”, which of course also involves sound. The song is from her forthcoming release on the Vintage Lion labek called Fear No Evil and she’s giving you a bit of encouragement to listne to her without fear.

SOME STUFFS: And So I Watched You From Afar stream new album a week before release.

And So I Watched You From Afar photo ASIWYFA_old2_zpsaw08zx8v.jpg
May 4th is when And So I Watch You From Afar and Sargent House Records will release Heirs, and while you’ll have to wait a week to pick up a copy (or twelve), you can stream it in full right now as a means to test it out or just rock your neighborhood. You’ll have to listen to it not here (unfortunately) but over at so keep on truckin’.