VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Allusondrugs’ “Am I Weird?

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Their press release calls them “psychedelic alt-rock-grunge-pop weirdos” but I will simply call them Allusondrugs, a group from West Yorkshire, England. They’re trying to make a name for themselves and they’re hoping that this song will the bridge between them and you, the new listener. Their song is called “Am I Weird?”, a bit funny since the press release calls themselves but are they truly weird or is that a sense of humor to break the ice and discover who and what they really are? Find out for yourself. If the video moves you and you want to take the song with you on your travels, there is a free MP3 that awaits if you head here.

FREE MP3 DL: Scarf-ACE featuring Ralph V.’s “Pesos”

I’m not sure what rapper Scarface will think about hearing about a guy named Scarf-ACE coming out with his own music and career, but perhaps if needed, Scarf-ACE can have Scarface’s old name Akshen and become Axsh-N. Until then, let’s check out Scarf-ACE and a song that welcomes Ralph V. into the fold with “Pesos”, which both are hoping to make in bucketloads.

FREE MP3 DL: Punkture’s “Bassline Rudeboy Punk (Paleface Remix) (Instrumental)”

If you need a house song to make you dance, workout, or just make the day move a little faster, you’ll want to check out the Paleface remix of “Bassline Rudeboy Punk” by Punkture, which has no punk or anything distinctly reggae but it will make you dance like those with pale faces. Or something like that. House this.

VIDEO: Hannah Lou Clark’s “Kids In Heat”

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The guitar and bass riffs reminded me of Nirvana’s “No Apologies” for some reason but the vocals from Hannah Lou Clark sound like a combination of Belinda Carlisle and Susannah Hoffs, but with her own depth and dimension that makes me want to listen to more. She’ll be releasing an EP on January 14 but for this singer who says she is influenced by the likes of Billy Childish and Charles Bukowski, there’s a sense that she’ll be doing a good sense of exploring in the years to come. For now, listen to “Kids In Heat”.