SOME STUFFS: Daveed Diggs reissues the old to satisfy

Daveed Diggs photo DaveedDiggs_cover_zpsrmkshp8k.jpg
Hey bitch, you’ve been wanting something new from clipping. but aren’t sure when they’ll be releasing something again? Fear not for one part of that equation rapper Daveed Diggs, has reissued Small Things To A Giant, the album he made before he hooked up into the clipping. equation. If you weren’t sure of his roots, here’s one root. It was something that was digital only but for you analog junkies, you can now buy it on cassette. Pre-orders are available now for release on August 10th. You may head to DeathbombArc to find out ordering information.

VIDEO: DJ Chose featuring MC Beezy’s “Everywhere I Go”

He may sound like he raps with too much cottonballs in his mouth but some will immediately tell me “PUNK, THAT’S AN OHIO STYLE, DON’T SHOW NO DISRESPECT TO MY MAN, MY MAN!” and I’ll tell you that I am not, I am not doing this. What I want to tell you about is DJ Chose and how he did a song with MC Beeze and together, they came up with “Everywhere I Go” and if everywhere you go, he’s there, then can’t you see that he is driving you insane. If so, step out of the way.

VIDEO: The Lockhearts’ “Low”

The Lockhearts photo Lockhearts_old2_zpsqyt6vres.jpg
If you’ve been looking for something from Australia that’ll sweep you off your feet, enough to say “I haven’t heard something like this in awhile”, then The Lockhearts may be your while. Their video may be somewhat on the suggestive side but they did it perhaps to lure people to watch as a way to truly listen, so this is your chance to put those senses to good use. The group’s single is called “Low” and how low do things get? It depends how low you are or where you want to be. Again: suggestive but not explicit. Prepare yourself.

AUDIO: Sleepwalker’s “You Are The One”

Sleepwalker photo Sleepwalker_old_zps7ozgtyt9.jpg
Out this fall will be a new album by Sleepwalker called Holy Hell and if hell is a holy place for you, you may want to remind yourself of its release after hearing a song from it, called “You Are The One”. Maybe they knew that maybe, you were the one who would like this song. Or maybe not, I can’t control your thoughts but I can possibly influence you to at least have a listen. Right?

AUDIO: k-os’ “Spaceship”

What is k-os doing these days? Is he striving to be a top rapper, making sure his place in hip-hop remaiuns secure or is he like what Talib Kweli once said and doing something just to get by? Whatever you think, listen to his new one called “Spaceship” and maybe you’ll get a chance to fly off with him, wherever he feels happy to get by in.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Fletcher’s Sauce Co’s Gourmet Hot Sauce (review)

 photo Fletchers_label_zpsvl8x6apd.jpg This one was a hot sauce found at my local supermarket, it’s from a store (Yoke’s) that often has a good share of sauces I like, be it hot or BBQ sauce. This hot sauce was from the city of Mead, Washington that is north of Spokane, si I thought it would be great to try out this regional sauce.

It’s made by Fletcher’s Sauce Co., the mascot of which is a cowboy with a hat and his eyes not visible. He’s a slick cowboy so I thought hmmm, maybe this sauce will be as slick as the man in front. The label says it is a “gourmet” hot sauce and that I should “taste the difference. Perhaps the influx of different ingredients should have been some kind of clue, with things like sodium bisulfite, potassium sorbate, and tricalcium phosphate. Or that TOMATO JUICE (in all capital letters) was the third primary ingredient. It doesn’t even list what specific peppers they use, it just says “chili”. You mean with beans or without? Help me, folks.

Let me get to the point. I tried it and I wondered “where’s the heat?” There was a little bit of it there but it came off as if heat was not a factor. Those who may not like a hot of hot sauces or heat in their food would really like this but it came off like I was having a mild picante sauce. In fact, I tried it with a tortilla chip and it is suitable there but in terms of heat, it almost seemed more like a ketchup. Ina Garten is a chef who, in an episode of her TV show, said if you wanted something spicy, add ketchup and I said “wait a minute, ketchup is spicy?” If you think ketchup is spicy, maybe you’ll like Fletch’er’s Sauce Co’s hot sauce and nothing hotter. The company also makes barbeque sauce, three different varieites to choose from and I would think those would be quite good but as for their hot sauce, it’s more like lame sauce. In other words, it’s a nice and pleasant sauce but that’s it. Nothing more and nothing less, just “eh”.

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