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AUDIO: BlaccOut Garrison’s “Mistakes”

After taking almost a year to take care of his own life, the man behind the BlaccOut Garrison moniker decided to return to the microphone and become an MC again. The world has been greatly awarded by this Minneapolis rapper coming back to the forefront, and he did so with help from producer Krucial Clint. With luck, BlaccOut will be making more music in the very new future so if you’re someone who wants to work with him, contact him via Twitter: @ItsABlaccOut

VIDEO: Sterile Jets’ “…To The Bars”

 photo SterileJets_old_zps9b89d571.jpg
If I read something like “Liquor Store, the Second Album from Sterile Jets, takes extreme rock in exciting new directions”, I’m interested in hearing more. This Long Beach band want to be explosive in their approach but know they have to concentrate not only in the volume but how it is presented. They did have a chance to do it on their debut album and they got a chance to do it with this new release. They’ve made their first video for the album with the song “…To The Bars” and as you will hear, things may sound fun but all of a sudden it turns around into a raging blast. The video is making its world premiere here on ThisIsBooksMusic.com. The single will be made available for free on Tuesday, while the album is scheduled for release on the 21st for October via Yesca Rock

VIDEO: Shanaz Dorsett’s “Four Walls And A Garden”

 photo ShanazDorsett_old_zpse27ddf5c.jpg
When I hear or read the term “neo-soul”, I just think “oh no, not again, someone is too lazy to write the obvious”. I read about Shanaz Dorsett and they use the term “electro-R&B” which leads to me saying to myself, that’s right, “oh no, not again”. Dorsett is a vocalist from London who has a new song called “Four Walls And A Garden” that sounds like the kind of soul music I know and love. She sounds like someone whose album I would buy and just listen to everyday, because she sounds powerful and comforting. In other words, I like what I hear and I feel you will too. She was recently highlighted by the good folks at Okayplayer, and I think more people should be aware of her too. Her EP Mother Tongue will be out on October 7th.

VIDEO: Amon Amarth’s “Deceiver of the Gods”

Deceiver of the Gods (Metal Blade) is the latest album from Sweden’s Amon Amarth and to promote it, they made a video for the title track. The visuals are partly medieval but it fits in with the story heard in the lyrics.

VIDEO: Myrkur’s “Nattens Barn

Myrkur’s self-titled album on Relapse was released last Tuesday and as you press play, you’ll hear something beautiful and remarkable. Then it turns into something metalesque and crisp. The video was directed by Will J. Løkken and Aske Løkken, shot in Nordsjælland, Denmar with the lady who is Myrkur, both the frontwoman and the entire band.

AUDIO: Shivley Shakes’ “Hold On”

 photo ShiveryShakes_old_zps4ca52fd2.jpg
Full length magic is generally what it’s all about for most artists, and it’s going to happen to the Austin quartet known as Shivery Shakes, who will release Three Waves & A Shake (Punctum/Austin Tower Hall) on October 21st. They may know how to rock but it also sounds like a cross between garage, surf music, and Northern soul styles that is sure to make them appeal to a wide range of music. Listne to “Hold On” as primer.

AUDIO: Peter Leo & Eitan Noyze featuring Styles P’s “So Superb”

When the words “boom bap” are used, it immediately brings to mind familiarities and comfortability. This is what Peter Leo and Eitan Noyze did when they created “So Superb”, they wanted to create that boom bap mentality and they did it nicely. They also included Styles P with them, and this is the result. You can hear more on the Energy Shift album.

AUDIO: Varathron’s “Realm Of Obscure”

 photo Varathron_old_zpsce986ac6.jpg
Black metal in Greece is represented by Varathron, who have a new album to release in November called Untrodden Corridors Of Hades (Agonia) and they’d like to share one of the songs with you. This is called “Realm Of Obscure”, get into it and see how (much more) obscure you’ll be.

For those who want to have this on vinyl, it will be available in standard black and colored “splatter” variations. It will also be out in digital and on CD. You may pre-order by going to AgoniaRecords.com.

FREE MP3 DL: DraZ featuring Lord Ecs’ “Relapse”

Chicago is where DraZ comes from, and with a new EP ready to go called Sorry We Missed You, he’s ready to come at you with some nice music. You’ll have to wait until November to hear but you may check out one of the songs he did with Lord Ecs called “Relapse”, merging his Chitown sensibilities with a Louisiana vibe.

AUDIO: Stench’s “Way”

Swedish death metal band Stench are gearing up for the release of their new album Venture (Agonia), this time offering an instrumental. This one is called “Way”, and you may listen to it right this way. The album will be out this Friday in Europe, October 7th in North America.