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VIDEO: Aborted’s “The Extirpation Agenda”

Metal mayhem in a way you may not have heard before, Aborted play what you’d call deathgrind, a wonderful mixture of death metal and grindcore. You can hear more of it on Aborted’s latest album, The Necrotic Manifesto (Century Media), but what you can deal with now is “The Extirpation Agenda”, so have a listen and eat some flesh of unknown origin.

VIDEO: The Dagger’s “1978″

The Dagger’s self-titled album on Century Media is sure to make hard rock fans remember the good times, whenever their good times happened. “1978″ isn’t just a year the band are heavily influenced by, it may very well be a way of life, or at least that’s how they’re parading themselves in the video of the same name. It’s a healthy attitude, and one that truly rocks.

AUDIO: Motofightr’s “Piano F**k”

It’s both funny and irksome when someone tries to censor a word and yet when you read ot censored, it doesn’t hide what it says. For example, when someone sees the word “fuck”, it is customary to censor it as “f*ck” or “F**k”. Yet when it’s censored as “fu*k”, you can still read the word that way. Case in point is this new song by Motofightr. It could be called “Piano F**k” or “Piano F*ck”, even though you already know what it really says. In this case, it’s called “Piano Fu*k”. Pointless, right? Eh, it’s a means to let you know about the new song so censored or not, it’s a good song, but a dumb way to promote it.

SOME STUFFS: Da Mafia 6ix offer song from new album due in October

 photo DaMafia6ix_old_zps1b2316b0.jpg
Halloween is the day to not be afraid, but to anticipate the coming of new music from Da Mafia 6ix, which has a title: Watch What U Wish. You don’t have to wait to hear something from it, at least a track, one produced by DJ Paul called “Lock’m N Da Trunk v.2″, which of course means it’s version two. The song also features DJ Zirk.

The group are on tour right now, so go see the 6ix and show them support:

July 11… Corpus Christi, TX (Club XS)
July 13… San Antonio, TX (White Rabbit)
July 25… Thornville, OH (Legend Valley – Gathering Of The Juggalos)
July 26… Asheville, NC (New Mountain Theater)
August 2… Dallas, TX (Club DaDa’s)
August 3… Houston, TX (Numbers)
August 7… San Angelo, TX (The Beauregard)
August 8… San Leon, TX (18th St Bar & Grill)
August 9… Austin, TX (Red 7)
August 16… Miami, FL (Grand Central)
August 29… Las Vegas, NV (LVCS)

VIDEO: Kodac aka M80′s “Say What”

French producer Ikaz Beatz was able to put this together for Kodac, who some of you know as M80. The song is called “Say What” and after hearing it, you can now proclaim “say this”. If you need to, switch gears as if your name was Kodac.

SOME STUFFS: Papertwin cover George Harrison song for fun

 photo Papertwin_old_zps0b5f9d57.jpg
Papertwin released a new EP last month called Vox Humana, so does that mean they are Kenny Loggins fans? Unknown at this time but I can tell you they are fans of George Harrison, as they decided to cover “Fish On The Sand”, a song from his 1987 album Cloud Nine.

VIDEO: Cristion D’or featuring Fred The Godson’s “Old York”


A thrill a minute may mean it’s a thrill when you’re up in it, and what “it” defines is unknown but you’ll want to know what Cristion D’or is talking about in his new video for the song “Old York”, which features none other than the brother known as Fred The Godson. It’s a maximum choice here, now make your owns.

VIDEO: Lupa’s “Statues”

Imogen Jones makes music under the name Lupa, and this 16 years old is read to make an impression on listeners with her song “Statues”. She has been known for creating electro-pop, but this melancholy pop song places her in a different place, one that is sure to turn heads and keep them there. Lupa is sure to show many what Sydney, Australia is capable of offering to the world once again.

SOME STUFFS: Good news for Whirr fans this fall

 photo Whirr_old_zps4484d1c4.jpg
To be honest, the good news for Whirr fans begin now. First off, a new album will be released on September 23rd called Sway (Graveface), which only means a two month wait or so.

More good news. You can listen to one of its songs at this very moment, called “Mumble” and after hearing it, you’ll want to play it over and over so you will not have to mumble the lyrics.

Even more good news. You’ll be able to hear it and all of their new songs when they go on tour in late August, so go into your ash trays or mason jars and buy a ticket to see Whirr.

August 30… San Francisco, CA (The Rickshaw Shop) !
September 1… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar) !
September 2… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) !
September 3… Tempe, AZ (51 West) !
September 5… Dallas, TX (Sons of Herman)
September 6… Austin, TX (Holy Mountain)
September 7… Houston, TX (Mangos)
September 9… Orlando, FL, (Backbooth)
September 10… Savannah, GA (Graveface HQ) #
September 11… Atlanta, GA (Masquerade Purgatory) #
September 12… Chapel Hill, NC (Local 503) #
September 13… Richmond, VA (Strange Matter) #
September 14… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery) #
September 15… Philadelphia, PA (The Barbary) #
September 16… New York, NY (The Studio @ Webster Hall) #
September 17… Cambridge, MA (Middle East Upstairs) #
September 18… Hamden, CT (The Space) #
September 19… Montreal, QC (Sala Rosa) #
September 20… Toronto, ON (Hard Luck) #
September 21… Cleveland, OH (Mahalls) #
September 22… Lansing, MI (Mac’s Bar) #
September 23… Chicago, IL (Beat Kitchen) #
September 24… St. Louis, MO (Fubar)
September 26… Denver, CO (7th Circle Collective)
September 27… Salt Lake City, UT (The Shred Shed)
September 28… Boise, ID (The Crux)
September 29… Seattle, WA (Vera Project) ^
September 30… Vancouver, BC (The Electric Owl) ^
October 1… Portland, WA (Slabtown) ^

! = w/ Sad Actor
# = w/ Cloakroom
^ = w/ Special Explosion

Sway can be pre-ordered in your format of choice by heading to Graveface.com.

SOME STUFFS: Craft Spells preparing for west coast tour

It will only last for a week but if you’re falling nuts over Craft Spells and you happen to live on the west coast (and that’s “of the United States”), you’ll be able to see them next week. Unfortunately, the west coast in this case does not include visits to Oregon and Washington, so California, consider yourselves lucky:

July 16… Santa Cruz, CA (Catalyst Atrium)
July 17… San Francisco, CA (The Chapel)
July 18… San Diego, CA (The Hideout)
July 19… Santa Ana, CA (Constellation Room)
July 20… Los Angeles, CA (Part Time Punks at the Echo)

For now, check out their brand new video for the title track to Nausea (Captured Tracks), beautifully put together by Colin Macfadyen. The new album is their second, released last month.