VIDEO: Inter Arma’s “Destroyer”

Sky Burial (Relapse) is the 2013 album by Inter Arma and despite the fact the album was released two years ago, this Virginia band are confident enough to let you know that the music is strong enough to keep you wanting to play it and listening to it many times.

VIDEO: Junglepussy’s “Me”

Junglepussy photo Junglepussy_old_zpszdexcsqc.jpg
She’s from Brooklyn and she’s bold enough to call herself Junglepussy, a rapper who wants to make a name for herself in more ways than one. Behind the name is a persona, and behind the persona is talent. If you want to know and hear more about/from her, check out “Me”, with the “Me” referring to her, which is me to her. It comes from her Satisfaction Guaranteeed album, which you can download for free by heading to

SOME STUFFS: Hexsagon returns with a new EP of astrological soul

Phoenix artist Hexsagon… okay, in this case, when I say artist, Phoenix is a producer, MC, and so much more. If that has intrigued you, good. Now, let me tell you that he just released a new EP today called Aries, featuring six brand new songs to get down and get you down in the perfect way. With a sample from the Aries’ Signs Of The Zodiac album on A&M starting the festivities, the songs move up and down, in and out and all around in a hip-hop, soulful, and funky fashion that will make you listen and perhaps inspire you all the time.

AUDIO: Looms’ “Meena”

Looms photo Looms_old_zpsm1anfv8y.jpg
Waking Days is the forthcoming album from Brooklyn band Looms, who combine pop with a nice blast of rock and do it ina way that sounds like a cross between +Live+, Hootie & The Blowfish, and Weezer. That might sound like an odd combination but these guys know how to pull influences, then are not afraid to share them. Check out “Meena” and don’t be too startled at first. Let these guys warm up to you and then enjoy further.

VIDEO: Eddie James’ “Why I Grind”

In Hawai’i, grinding is the term used for someone who is hungry for meal so whenever Eddie James makes it to Hawai’i for a show, this song will mean something completely different than someone hwo hustles to make money. “Why I Grind” is an education song of sorts on why it is important to make money to not only survive, but to pay the bills. For James, he has to do it by using his skills. More skills to be heard and experienced when he releases his EP Dedicated To Woodside this summer.