LYRIC VIDEO: Christina Aguilera’s “Anywhere But Here”

Finding Neverland: The Album is a forthcoming Broadway musical soundtrack that you may be finding very soon, either at Target, the Mart, or any other place that sells new music these days. Costco? I don’t know if they still sell CD’s with buckets of chocolate covered peanuts but Christina Aguilera has returned with a new song and you may listen to “Anywhere But Here” with a very nice pop ballad that is sure to spruce people’s mood this summer. The album will be out on June 9th.

VIDEO: Shilpa Ray’s “Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp”

If you release a new album today, how do you promote it with a music video? You find some security footage from a nightclub and see what you come up with. That’s exactly what Shilpa Ray did when “Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp” was nade, Then again, it may very well be security footage for a bowling alley that serves food, I am unsure but the video is quite nice with the song. The new album is called Last Year’s Savage (Northern Spy).

VIDEO: Da Mafia 6ix featuring La Chat and Fiend’s “High Like An Eagle”

Da Mafia 6ix are bagging it up, then releasing the goods to smoke it. What are they smoking? No matter, for they are “High Like An Eagle” right now and as long as it’s good, it’s good enough for them. The song is from their Watch What U Wish album and if you know what they’re about, you also know they’ve been wishing quite well. The song also features help from Fiend and La Chat, which isn’t shat by any means.

AUDIO: Stream Adrian Younge’s “Linear Labs: Los Angeles” in full

is Adrian Younge’s new compilation album released today, and you can stream it in full right now. The album features a lot of guests including Souls Of Mischiecf, Laetitia Saddler, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, The RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and more. You may order a copy below via Amazon.

VIDEO: Gods’Illa’s “ForestReal”

Believe In Gods’Illa (HiPNOTT) is the new album from GOds’Illa that is on its way, June 2nd to be exact and they’re released a video that will show you where they’re at and where they are headed. If you have not paid attention to these guys, you should right now from a group who know what it takes to make quality hip-hop. You can pre-order the album below via Bandcamp.