GIVEAWAY: Win a copy of Donn T.’s brand new album on vinyl

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If you’ve seen videos or heard new material by Donn T., you may know she has a new album out now called Flight Of The Donn T. and if you’ve been curious about it, you can how have a copy as part of giveaway I am holding for a week, courtesy of ‘stache media. It’s a chance for you to win the album on vinyl, released as a single LP. No trivia or multiple choice questions, just enter once and only once. Only residents of the United States are eligible for this, one entry only. All you have to do is write “Donn T. record giveaway” in the subject line, and then write your name and address within the e-mail text and sending it to me at Books.Musica [at] gmail [dot] com. Your name and address will not be placed on a mailing list, nor will they passed on to anyone else. The winner will be chosen on Monday, May 4th. When I choose the winner, all other e-mails will be deleted immediately. Please enter now.

VIDEO: Open Mike Eagle & Oddisee’s “Celebrity Reduction Prayer”

Open Mike Eagle and Oddisee are bringing forth to you something called “Celebrity Reduction Prayer” and why? It’s their new song, which comes from the Mello Music Group compilation album Persona. Oddisee handles production and of course Open Mike Eagle drops lyrics and wisdom.

AUDIO: Fire/Works’ “Elephants”

Fire/Works photo FireWorks_old_zpstl4q4kzq.jpg
Jonathan Peters and David Lagacé are a Canadian duo who go by the name of Fire/Works and they have released some music over the last few years. They released a new album last fall called Shenanigans and they are hoping one of its songs will keep new fans around for awhile. Check out “Elephants” below and if you find it to be to your liking, check out the Shenanigans album and previous projects on their official Bandcamp page.

SOME STUFFS: Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles announce US tour

Shana Cleveland photo ShanaCleveland_old_zpsgnat7hgz.jpg
Seattle’s Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles share a brand new video and announce US tour dates in advance of their debut album, Oh Man, Cover The Ground!, which may be the perfect way to start out an article about her and the group, and that’s how the press release for it did begin. But I try not to do that, I try to do a bit more. The album will be out from Suicide Squeeze Records on the 26th of May and as you can see below, they’ll be starting shows about two weeks before it comes out. Check out the dates, and then have a look and listen to the first video from it called “Holy Rollers”, which Cleveland directed herself. BTW: if the video reminds you of the album cover for The Alan Parsons Project’s Eve, you’re not the only one.

May 14… Seattle, WA (Tractor Tavern) +
May 22… Tumbleweeds, ID (Farm Fest)
May 23… Salt Lake City, UT (Diabolical Records)
May 25… Omaha, NE (Sweatshop Gallery)
May 26… Columbia, MO (Cafe Berlin)
May 27… Memphis, TN (Glitch)
May 31… Detroit, MI (UFO Factory)
June 3… Fargo, ND (The Aquarium)
June 5… Calgary, AB (Local 510)
June 26… Seattle, WA (Columbia City Theater) (Album Release Party)

+ = w/ The Cave Singers

AUDIO: Silas Blak’s “Yeah Yeah (Freestyle)

Silas Blak photo SilasBlak_old_zpsabc2yhbu.jpg
If you’re looking for something new from Seattle’s hip-hop scene, may I introduce you to Silas Blak. It’s nothing more than a freestyle but saying “nothing more than” that may make some feel that my view makes it less than worth, which is far from the truth. He mas more music planned throughout the year but for now, have a bit of that freestyle I just mentioned called “Yeah Yeah” and in time, he’ll have an album out before December rolls around.

VIDEO: Them Are Us Too’s “Eudaemonia”

Them Are Us Too photo ThemAreUsToo_old_zpsgw6laduf.jpg
If you like them, you may easily say them are us too. Okay, the group in question are called Them Are Us Too, and does it refer to a specific “them”? No matter, that’s the name of the band and you are about to stick to it. They released their debut album last month on Dais Records called Remain and they are doing a small set of shows on the west coast, including one tonight in Seattle.
April 23… Seattle, WA (Kremwerks)
April 24… Bellingham, WA (Karate Church)
April 26… San Francisco, CA (The Make-Out Room)

If you haven’t heard about them but are intrigued in any way, have a look at their new video for “Eudaemonia”, which may remind some of the alternative-friendly music of the early to mid-1990’s but it’s more than just trendy.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Mochipet featuring Mr. Lif’s “Spark”

A new Mochipet video? Where does one start? That may be the question you’re asking right now but you see the arrow, press play. This one is for the song “Spark”, which features Mr. Lif complimenting Mr. Mochi. The song also has a number of remixes to be satisfied with, stream them below or buy the whole meal deal.

VIDEO: D.A.T.A.’s “Elixir”

D.A.T.A. photo DATA_old_zpsvws0mbyg.jpg
“Elixir” is the new single by D.A.T.A. released last month, and if you have loved the type of hip-hop from North Carolina in the last decade, you are sure to find this one a treat. Pure and Ginx know how to get things together and as you will here, they are more than ready to offer more to those willing to listen and show some support.