The Listening Experience podcast #1

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Today marks the debut of my new podcast called The Listening Experience. It branches off a bit from Book’s Music but I want to try a few new things in this one, which I will do in the weeks/months to come. The show remains, for the time being, 90 minutes in length although if you think it would be better if it was compacted to 60 minutes, let me know. As you can see, I don’t have a special logo for The Listening Experience so for now it’s basic.

The Listening Experience podcast #1 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

FREE DL: The 1978ers’ “P.O.T.” E.P.

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yU & Slimkat have some new music they want to share with you as the duo The 1978ers. This one is called P.O.T., released today, and they’ve released it as a free item for you to download. It’s a three part effort, so stream it to get a hit of what it’s about, then download it in full, free of charge. The EP is a preview of what’s to come on their forthcoming album, People Of Today (Mello Music Group).

RECORD CRACK: Supertramp’s “Crime Of The Century” gets the Deluxe Edition treatment

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Supertramp were one of the biggest bands of the 1970’s, which you can tell easily with two reasons: all of the copies of their albums at thrift stores/charity shops and garage/yard sales, and how much airplay they receive today on classic rock/oldies radio stations. Now, one of their biggest albums is going to get a massive deluxe edition, in honor of its 40th anniversary this year. The album is Crime Of The Century, and while it had taken three years for it to be certified gold, it maintained popularity due to the constant airplay of “Bloody Well Right” and “Dreamer”, along with other album tracks. Not bad for a group who had split up when their first two albums didn’t work well with fans and critics, but when they got back together, it seemed they went into the studio with a “make it or break it” effort, and they definitely broke it to success.

While old copies of Crime Of The Century can be found anywhere, you’ll want this newly remastered version. The vinyl pressing is being released as a 3LP set, duplicating the double CD edition which has the original album remastered by Ray Staff, along with a 1975 concert at Hammersmith Odeon, which features the entire Crime Of The Century album performed live, earlier songs, plus some material for what would become their next album Crisis? What Crisis?. The vinyl box will also have an 8-page booklet, a download card and two 10×8 prints.

The Crime Of The Century deluxe edition will be released on December 8th, in time for holiday shopping. The double CD edition can be pre-ordered below via Amazon.

AUDIO: Etnik’s “Unclassified” (full EP stream)

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If you’re looking for some new electronic music this Tuesday, you may want to have a listen to a new EP by Etni. Released today vis Bitclap/OWSLA, the EP is called Unclassified, described as being music that “dives into the unexplored side of techno.” Rapper Mykki Blanco even find himself in a song, the title track.

VIDEO: Tomorrows Tulips’ “Papers By The TV”

Tomorrows Tulips just released a new album called When so for fans of garage-y pop kindness, have a look at a video that seems to go quick and easy, but it’s a pleasant quick and easy. You can order the When album directly from Burger Records in all good and trendy formats, or below via Amazon.

BOOK’S JOOK: Pretenders’ “Message Of Love”

  • Book’s Jook is a column dedicated to placing a record within my dream jukebox, if I were to have one. The Seeburg jukebox shown below is similar to the one I have wanted since I was a kid. To read more on why I started this column, click here.

    (NOTE: This past weekend, ?uestlove was posting album covers of some of his favorite bands in his Instagram and Facebook, highlighting their logos and talking about how they identified artists in a way that let people knew who they were and what they played. One of the bands he highlighted is one that brought back a memory of a certain album, which is what lead me to choose this week’s edition of Book’s Jook.

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    When MTV premiered in Honolulu, with visuals but no sound, on December 24, 1981, I did not know how much this cable network would change not only my life, but tons of other people’s lives in general. I’m sure I had seen records by The Pretenders at stores but never heard them on the radio, or at least they were not a primary focus of pop radio back then. They weren’t, they may have been on the rock stations on the FM but definitely not AM. When videos such as “Brass In Pocket”, “Talk Of The Town”, and “Kid” started getting a lot of MTV airplay, that paved the way for them to gain a much bigger American audience, not bad for a band with a vocalist with Ohio roots.

    By the time The Pretenders hopped into my vision, the group had already released two albums (Pretenders and Pretenders II) and an EP (Extended Play) but again, I didn’t notice them because I wasn’t listening to FM stations. When I became aware of who they were and moved to FM radio, then I realized how popular they were with DJ’s and listeners. While I liked the group’s poppier songs, I always find an attraction to the harder stuff, or at least I felt “Tattooed Love Boys” was the harder of their material, with James Honeyman-Scott’s guitar work ripping things apart. Pete Farndon’s bass work, and Martin Chambers’ insisting drums. Eventually I came across “Message Of Love”, which sounded a bit aggressive as well compared to “Brass In Pocket” and “Kid”. It’s hard to say even today what made me like this song at first: Chambers’ drum pattern, Honeyman-Scott’s strutting guitar, or when Farndom comes in to punch himself into the song. Yet what I also loved was Chrissie Hynde’s singing and lyrics. The song may have been about love, something I wasn’t concerned about yet, age 11, but who didn’t want to hear a love song? Maybe it was the lyric “look ’round the room/everybody stand up”, as if it was some calling to people at a concert hall, bringing in people and wanting to keep them revved up. Whatever the reason was, I fell in love with the song as deeply as the song’s romantic lyrics and I became a fan of theirs.

    (Odd Pretenders factoid: I was familiar with Grace Jones’ “Private Life” when I entered the Froggy’s store in Honolulu when the store played The Pretenders doing the same song. I knew it was Hynde but I thought “wow, this is a horrible verson, not realizing at the time that The Pretenders wrote and performed it first. I hear it differently now but it showed the power of what Jones could do with powerful material, a bit like her rendition of Roxy Music’s “Love Is The Drug”.)

    While “Message Of Love” and “Tattooed Love Boys” was not released back to back in any country, if I had a dream jukebox, I definitely would make a custom pressing of it and ave both of those songs on one 45. They are my favorite Pretenders songs and deserve to be with one another so for not, I’ll place “Message Of Love” within and make the jukebox happy.