The Listening Experience podcast #1

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Today marks the debut of my new podcast called The Listening Experience. It branches off a bit from Book’s Music but I want to try a few new things in this one, which I will do in the weeks/months to come. The show remains, for the time being, 90 minutes in length although if you think it would be better if it was compacted to 60 minutes, let me know. As you can see, I don’t have a special logo for The Listening Experience so for now it’s basic.

The Listening Experience podcast #1 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

REVIEW: Moonlight Towers’ “Heartbeat Overdrive”

Heartbeat Overdrive (Chicken Ranch) by Moonlight Towers is an album consisting of good ol’ rock’n’roll music without any complications. It’s direct and to the point, it’s straightforward, and it sounds like songs that you could play at family gatherings and in your long evening drives without fear or regret. Some of it reminds of that gutsy music that seemed to always be around in the late 70’s and early 80’s, where people like Bruce Springsteein, Southside Johnny, The Hooters, and The Producers would record just because it felt good, and perhaps that’s why it’s called Heartbeat Overdrive (or one of the reasons why), you’ll feel this where it counts but you think it’s too much for you, too good for you. Nonetheless, it’s satisfying and you don’t want to let go of that feeling. Moonlight Towers are out of Austin, Texas but they’re not going to remain there for long, for they’re going to do some serious traveling with this release.

(Heartbeat Overdrive will be released on November 11th.)

REVIEW: Stephen Doster’s “Arizona”

Here’s another interesting album that fits in along with what I’ve been listening to as of late. It’s rock’n’roll that doesn’t get too much of this or that, nor does it lack the qualities that makes rock’n’roll so moving. It also has a sense of pop sensibilities that would make this work in a number of markets, as if a lot of musicians are realizing what’s missing in the mainstream, and many of them are pushing it forward to get people back into that frame of mind. That may be what Stephen Doster is doing with his new album Arizona (Atticus). The music sounds like some of the best moments in your favorite songs by Billy Joel, Chicago, Loggins & Messina, and even a bit of Squeeze. I hate to say this sounds like American music, as that incorporates a wide range of different styles from different places, but there was a time when that style of music was plentiful, not only on the radio but everywhere. When it’s no longer there, you realize how much you miss it, and perhaps this is why people want to hear and feel it again. Doster has created music that has an essence, and I hope more people will understand why it’s here and keep it active for a long time.

(Arizona will be released on November 4th.)

VIDEO: Pink Avalanche’s “In Empty Spaces”

The Luminous Heart Of Nowhere is the new album by Pink Avalanche and you can bet they have a lot to share with fans who enjoy their music. They’ve turned “In Empty Spaces” into a video and this one is going to open up your abdomens and leave it open in order for it to heal. Can you feel it? Can you?

The Chicago band will be hitting the road next month, so catch them if they are of interest to you:

November 14… Chicago, IL (Subterranean) *
November 15… Grand Rapids, MI (Founder’s Brewery) *
November 16… Columbus, OH (Double Happiness) *
November 17… Cleveland, OH (Grog Shop) *
November 18… Philadelphia, PA (The Boot and Saddle) *
November 19… Washington, DC (DC9) *
November 20… Allston, MA (Great Scott) *
November 21… Pawtucket, RI (The Met) *
November 22… Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Night Bazaar) */@

* = w/ Survival Knife, Hungry Ghost
@ = w/ Obits

The Luminous Heart Of Nowhere will be released on November 18th through Past/Futures.

VIDEO: Virginia Wing’s “Marnie”

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Virginia Wing’s new album will be out on November 4th, called Measures Of Joy and today, you’ll be able to see and hear one of their measures for your own measure. This South London combo have nothing to fear, thus the reason they wanted to create a video for “Marnie” so here it is, a nice mixture of rock and psychedelic touches. Far out? It may be.

FREE MP3 DL: Passion of the Weiss Mix, Volume XII: Captain Supernova – “The World Has Just Begun”

With tracks by Dorothy Ashby, Crown Heights Affair, Hubert Laws, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, and the almighty David Axelrod, this is a mix that had taken a good amount of time and determination to put together, so thank Captain Supernova for it and listen to this 48 collage of some fine music from start to finish. Here is the track listing:

David Axelrod – 1000 rads
Vladimir Cosma – Profil Grec 1
Crown Heights Affair – The Love I Found this Time
The Flasher OST – The Flight
Dorothy Ashby – Windmills of your mind
David Axelrod – Ken Russell
Frank Gartner – Laser
Dexter Wansel – The Sweetest Pain
Jon Lucien – Would you Believe in me Glenn Davis Edit
Donald Byrd – Think Twice
Hubert Laws – Undecided
Driver OST – Driving
Leo Hassler – Grotesque
Manzel- Space Funk
Lalo Schrifen – No one is home
Herbie Hancock – Ready or Not
Flashlight – Beginner’s Luck
Tomita – Aranjuez

AUDIO: Varsay’s “Grand FliPP”

While the song is called “Grand FliPP”, it sounds like there are two songs in this, as if it’s ready made for a music video of some sort. No need for the double dual, “Grand FliPP” holds up beautifully as if it’s an unused track from the 1990’s and everyone were in awe after hearing this. Undo the double duty, just make this song the sole journey.

VIDEO: Butcher Babies’ “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”

The legacy of Napolean XIV continues almost 50 years after the release of his biggest song when Butcher Babies have done a brutal metal version of “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”. Personally, the song doesn’t get to its core until 66 percent into the song, when they speed things up and recite the best lyrics in the song, when Jerry Samuels (b/k/a Napolean XIV) spoke about the “trees and flowers and chirping birds”. That’s the part of the song where you could hear the moment he was being taken away, and the job here is modernized with sick results. The song is from their latest EP Uncovered (Century Media), which also features an incredible cover of S.O.D.’s “Pussywhipped”.