REVIEW: The OF’s “Escape Goat”

The OF photo TheOF2015_cover_zpskwvowaxm.jpg The adventures of The OF have returned with a new album taht has them even more adventurous than they were before and if Escape Goat (Green Monkey) is an accurate description of where they are right now, they are going to remain tripping around anywhere and everywhere for the next few years. The mixed bag of styles and textures are a bit like Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa with Sun Ra and Hellcows, the latter a Portland, Oregon band that I loved who twisted things from any and all sources, turning their music into unpredictable things before you’re left wondering where you are and eventually not caring. What I love about the sound of the production is that it sounds like an independent album, it’s direct without elaborate echo or reverb, it sounds slightly raw but very polished at the same time. It comes off like the kind of party album you might find accidentally but upon listening, you do not want to return it from the place you stole it from. “Bottom Feeder” sounds like a more elaborate version of The Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein”, complete with dual guitar/saxophone solos and its eleven minute duration doesn’t allow itself to slow down for anyone or anything. If you are to look at the cover, you might say “eight songs? Is that it?” With two 11 minute songs and one 13 minute song, “that’s it” is much more elaborate than you assume. John Carey’s vocals and songwriting is slightly twisted upon first listen but let it soak in and it will be understood. Then when The OF get locked in instrumental mode, it’s about exploring different zones and wondering where they themselves will end out of. In other words, it’s the kind of uneasy rock that enjoys going on travels with you and themselves, and they’re not ready to be comfortable by staying in one spot. Escape Goat is that goat being spanked on a mountain on a road to who knows where, the fun part is to watch where it plans on ending up.

FREE MP3 DL: Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy & Xavier Ruffin’s “Why?”

A new track by… well to be honest, I’m not sure who and what is/are the artist(s) name(s) but I am hopefully that this song is by Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy, and Xavier Ruffin. I do know the song is called “Why?” for I listened to it and said “yeah, the word “why?” is in the chorus” so I have that set. What I do know is that this song is set up nicely and you want to hear it for a long time. Why? Just listen and you’ll know.

VIDEO: Peach Kelli Pop’s “Princess Castle 1987″

Is it a video game or an elementary high school play? Is it an introduction to a prom or is it someones nightmare? Well, it could all of these things and then time but first and foremost, it’s “Princess Castle 1987″, the new video by Peach Kelli Pop and it seems everyone in it is having too much fun for their own good. This is easily one of the best music videos of 2015 and you can hear more on the album the song is from, Peach Kelli Pop III.

VIDEO: Lucifer’s “Izrael”

Directed by Chris Koll, Lucifer have made the first video for their forthcoming album Lucifer I (Rise Above), due out June 16th. The group will be going on a tour throughout North America this summer, plan ahead. The tour will also include High On Fire and Pallbearer:

July 30… San Diego, CA (Casbah)
July 31… Los Angeles, CA (The Echoplex)
August 1… San Fransisco, CA (The Regency Ballroom)
August 3… Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theatre)
August 4… Vancouver, BC (Rickshaw Theatre)
August 5… Seattle, WA (Neumos)
August 7… Salt Lake City, UT (The Complex)
August 8… Denver, CO (Gothic Theatre)
August 10… Minneapolis, MN (Mill City Nights)
August 11… Chicago, IL (Thalia Hall)
August 12… Ferndale, MI (The Loving Touch)
August 13… Toronto, ON (The Opera House)
August 14… Syracuse, NY (The Lost Horizon)
August 15… New York, NY (Irving Plaza)
August 17… Boston, MA (Royale)
August 18… Brooklyn, NY (Music Hall of Williamsburg)
August 19… Philadelphia, PA (Theatre of The Living Arts)
August 20… Baltimore, MD (Baltimore Soundstage)
August 21… Winston-Salem, NC (Ziggy’s)
August 22… Atlanta, GA (The Masquerade)
August 23… New Orleans, LA (One Eyed Jacks)

SOME STUFFS: Little Wings streams new album

Little Wings photo LittleWings_old_zpsd3z1txhn.jpg
Little Wings is not a group and if you caught the grammatics, you could figure that out. Little Wings is Kyle Field and his new album on Woodsist is called EXPLAINS, with all letters capitalized, and it will be formally released on May 26th but you can stream it in full ahead of time by heading to to listen to it. Also coming up in his immediately future are two shows. Head there, plan ahead, I’ll try to find another word with the word “head” in it but I no like, check the dates instead (aah, a rhyme):

June 4… Los Angeles, CA (The Satellite) #
July 28… San Francisco, CA (Swedish American Hall) *

* = w/ Sam Amidon
# = w/ Bouquet, Tall Tales & The Silver Lining

LYRIC VIDEO: Christina Aguilera’s “Anywhere But Here”

Finding Neverland: The Album is a forthcoming Broadway musical soundtrack that you may be finding very soon, either at Target, the Mart, or any other place that sells new music these days. Costco? I don’t know if they still sell CD’s with buckets of chocolate covered peanuts but Christina Aguilera has returned with a new song and you may listen to “Anywhere But Here” with a very nice pop ballad that is sure to spruce people’s mood this summer. The album will be out on June 9th.

VIDEO: Shilpa Ray’s “Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp”

If you release a new album today, how do you promote it with a music video? You find some security footage from a nightclub and see what you come up with. That’s exactly what Shilpa Ray did when “Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp” was nade, Then again, it may very well be security footage for a bowling alley that serves food, I am unsure but the video is quite nice with the song. The new album is called Last Year’s Savage (Northern Spy).