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Book’s Music podcast #360a

Book’s Music podcast #360a by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

After a three month break, the Books Music podcast is back, but not for long. Come October, there will be an all-new show. Stay tuned.

PLEDGE DRIVE: Keep this website alive by making a donation to ThisIsBooksMusic.com

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It is that time of the year where I have to bring this up one more time, but it is that time that I have to renew my web domain once more, and I am asking for your help.

What I am placing is a “tip cup” of sorts. If you enjoy the type of coverage that I feature here at ThisIsBooksMusic.com and would like for it to continue, I am looking for your donation to continue the website for another year, if not more. If you are able to “give a tip” to ThisIsBooksMusic.com, you can do so via PayPal by clicking here. Your private information is secure when you donate via PayPal, and you are also able to make a donation even if you are not a PayPal member. The deadline is September 30th.

While it would be nice for me to run advertising on my website, ThisIsBooksMusic.com is ad-free for a reason, and I’d like to keep it that way. The music I cover is the music I would like for you to listen to and discover for yourself, and pass the information along to those who you think would be interested. This website is about the music I like, support, and listen to on a regular basis, within as many genres as possible. I don’t pick and choose just to make random choices, these are my musical habits, and I share that on a regular basis. If the website is unable to be renewed, all donations will be refunded, no questions asked. If you are able to make a donation, I would be very appreciative.

SOME STUFFS: Anushka to explore the UK on tour

 photo Anuska_old_zps028e6575.jpg
Anushka released their latest album two months ago called Broken Circuits, and they’re currently preparing for a brief tour of the UK that happens at the end of the month and goes through November. This is where they’ll be:

September 27… Yorkshire, England (The Trades Club)
September 30… London, England (Shacklewell Arms)
October 2… Brighhton, England (Audio)
October 4… Bristol, England (Start The Bus)
October 17… Manchester, England (Antwerp Mansion)
October 19… Leeds, England (Hi Fi Club)
October 24… Neuchatel, Switzerland (Suprette Festival)
November 1… Lueven, Belgium (Depot)
November 6… Cardiff, Wales (Buffalo Bar)
November 15… Oxford, England (The Cellar)

SOME STUFFS: Mono to release two new albums on same day

 photo Mono2014_coversC_zpsc7107815.jpg
Waiting for new Mono music has never lead to more impatience from fans, but fans are going to get a treat on October 28th, when Mono release two different albums. Both albums are said to have been recorded during the same time, meaning that all of the songs were done during the same set of recording sessions, but each set of songs sound distinct from one another, so it will sound and feel like two separate experiences.

The Last Dawn is said to be “milder” or “quieter” than the other, and the six songs that will be on there will fit perfectly on a single record. The band hasn’t been that “compact” for a long time, so if you ever wanted to hear your Mono short and to the point but without losing their strengths, you’ll get a chance to here. This is the track listing for The Last Dawn:
1. The Land Between Tides/Glory
2. Kanata
3. Cyclone
4. Elysian Castles
5. Where We Begin
6. The Last Dawn

If a delicate Mono may sound weird, the concept for the second album may trip you out a bit, as Rays Of Darkness will be the first band album in 15 years to not have any orchestras whatsoever. None. What will be in its place is more heaviness, more distortion, more metal, even a slightly punk attitude, courtesy of Envy’s Tetsu Fukagawa. One record will deliver you true beauty, while the Darkness presented here will keep you trying to find the light. Here is its official track listing:
1. Recoil, Ignite
2. Surrender
3. The Hand That Holds the Truth
4. The Last Rays

It’s uncertain if the band will perform both albums in a live setting with mixed track listings, or if there will be two different sets with each “mood” explored, or if they’ll tour at all, so we’ll see when it happens. Temporary Residence Ltd. in the U.S. have both albums available via pre-order, so go here for The Last Dawn or go there to look over Rays Of Darkness. Both albums will be released on vinyl as one package.

LYRIC VIDEO: Donn T’s “Midnight”

You may already know who Donn T. is, either by name or by association. You’ll know this Philadelphia vocalist as being the sister of Ahmir Thompson, whom most of you know as ?uestlove. Maybe you know her and ?uest from their appearance on TLC’s show Say Yes To The Dress but wanted to know more about her. Now you will, as she’ll be releasing an EP at the end of the year called Gramophonica, which will be a precursor to the album due in early 2014 called Flight Of The Donn T. For the time being, you can check out the first song to come from it, simply called “Midnight”, which features her husband Jake Morelli on guitar, and you can sing along to it too, just so you can find yourself remembering the lyrics precisely.

AUDIO: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass featuring Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa Iriscience’s “H20″

Look at the names and you are bound to be impressed:
Apollo Brown
Ras Kass
Pharoahe Monch
Rakaa Iriscience

That’s the cool chief Rakaa right here. The song is called “H20″, and will appear on the forthcoming Apollo Brown & Ras Kass album on Mello Music Group called Blasphemy so you know if the song here is this good, the album has to be exceptional, which will be released on MP3 and CD on October 28th. For the vinyl pressing, , which will be out on November 11th, you may pre-order your copy (on red, white & blue vinyl) by heading here, or go there to have the LP in standard black (180g).

AUDIO: Dougie F & DJ Fire’s “Back Up On It (Jasmine)”

It’s another song with Auto-Tune done in the sun intro, are you excited by this? It’s a new one by Dougie F & DJ Fire, who are making a song either extra hot or semi-lukewarm, which could mean two things. Make the thing you want it to be.

AUDIO: Devine Carama’s “Satan Radio (66.6 FM)”

The state of the radio airwaves are at an all time low, and it’s not arguable. It’s the truth. Devine Carama wants to share with you his views on the situation, but it’s safe that the better radio stations aren’t going to play this song, so you’ll have to seek it yourself. You’ve made it here, so welcome yourself to “Satan Radio (66.6 FM)”. Dance with the devil.

VIDEO: Black Dynamite’s “McFilthy”

You know if a hip-hop has the cheer “oooweee”, it must be great, right? Well, we’ll have to find out in “McFilthy”, which may not be about Irish gangerisms or dope times described via dope rhymes, but it’s about what Centric and C. Keys do on Saturdays and pretty much every day of the week, a month, a year, a lifetime. Get to know both of them as Black Dynamite and hope they’ll blow up soon.

SOME STUFFS: Wolf Gang look forward to killing them all with second album

 photo WolfGang_old_zps097dff0d.jpg
The name of the band is not Odd Future, but they are called Wolf Gang, which will hopefully not make people believe this is Tyler, The Creator and friends. The group are wrapping up work on their second album, which is being produced Flood, known for his work with PJ Harvey, nine inch nails, and U2. Today, they are releasing a single called “Lay Your Love Down”, which will welcome in older fans to the new and newer fans to find out what Wolf Gang are all about. Initially, Wolf Gang started off as a one man project by London musician Max McElligott, but it now is a full band featuring Gavin Slater, James Wood and Lasse Petersen. This is exactly what it says in the press release and thus I must believe it. Now you believe in the Gang and be (im)patient for more to come soon.

BOOK’S JOOK: Ohio Players’ “Love Rollercoaster”

  • Book’s Jook is a column dedicated to placing a record within my dream jukebox, if I were to have one. The Seeburg jukebox shown below is similar to the one I have wanted since I was a kid. To read more on why I started this column, click here.

     photo OhioPlayersLR_label_zps16690cac.jpg
    As a kid, I was proud to get a copy of the Ohio Players’ album Honey. I was 5 or 6, so to have a cover featuring a cover of a woman in the nude pouring a jar of honey all over her body… let’s just say my parents (or at least my mom) bought it for me, didn’t feel it was offensive, and I played the album all the time. I stared at the album cover.

    All the time.

    However, as I was putting together this week’s Book’s Jook, I thought of this 45 and I wondered what did I get first: the Honey album or this 45? A part of me remembers wanting the 45, going to Music Box Records (one of my favorite childhood record stores) in downtown Honolulu and asking if they had a copy of this record, but whether or not I heard the short version first on the 45 that was 2:55, or the album version that went for 4:45 is a bit of a mystery. I want to say that the 45 must have come first, and when I got the album, I was blown away by the extra two minutes on the album. Okay, maybe not “blown away” with an adult mentality, but more like “wow, this song is cooler because it’s longer here”. Yet I swear I had the Honey album first, which may mean I simply wanted “Lover Rollercoaster” as a 45 just to have “the little record”.

    Regardless, “Love Rollercoaster” is most likely the first Ohio Players song I had heard, although if I had heard “Fire” before, I most likely didn’t remember who performed it, and I’m certain I didn’t hear “Skin Tight” until way later. I may have heard it on the radio, simply loved the feel of it, the groove, the vibe, and the fact the song made me dance. I liked funky, I could not help it. I was one of those kids who heard a story from my auntie who said that there was a woman in the song who they recorded when the band was performing at a carnival. It just so happened that the woman was not tied to the rollercoaster and when the coaster flipped upside down, she fell off and crashed onto the ground, dying. They recorded her fall and decided to honor her by including her in the song. It was “the story”, or at least one of the stories attached to this song and while I heard the scream, I always wondered why would a band like this, who looked cool and happy on their album covers, would do something as morbid as this. These guys could not have done this as an afterthought.
     photo OhioPlayersHoney_band_zpse6e24823.jpg

    It would not be until I was an adult that I learned the true source of the scream in “Love Rollercoaster”: it’s a howl made by keyboardist/vocalist Billy Beck:
     photo OhioPlayersHoney_Billy_zps6a05ad1c.jpg

    The man who did some of the band’s sweetest falsettos also did the high pitched scream in “Love Rollercoaster”, so nothing morbid happened to create the howl. This, of course, meant that a love rollercoaster had to mean something else. As a Hawaiian kid, I was fascinated by real rollercoasters but we only had the mini-ones. It wasn’t until I became a teen and my mind became peculiar did I start to understand what their rollercoaster really was. The song was talking about a “rollercoaster…of love”, the woman of attention, and it seemed everyone wanted to ride it. Or her. The song doesn’t have much lyrics to it, maybe there’s twenty words or so, but the guitar helps the song to strut it out, the horn section is gritty, and the drumming and bass playing ties it together while the keyboards/synths make sure you hear everything you’re supposed to hear. It Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner’s ad-libs that helps to drive the song further and deeper into the abyss, so when you hear Beck say he wants to ride, Bonner is singing “why don’t you ride, chil’?”, as if he’s encouraging all riders to strap on tightly and have fun.

    The 45 mix fades out earlier than the album version, so one isn’t able to feel the anticipated action that is to come, which is just the drummer adding a different fill as the band are in anticipating of the ride they’re about to get on. It fades out at the precise moment when the band starts wanting to “get in”, which is unfortunate but as far as 45 versions are concerned, it makes you want to get to the album version even more, to know there’s an extra 60 seconds or so of sexual madness. Regardless, when I hear this song, I hear the feeling of enjoying to dance to the groove of Ohio, knowing where the song will fade, then playing the album version to get a full grip of the ecstasy that happened in the studio, at least in the mind.

    As for the blue 45 listed above, this is the version I received from Music Box Records and for years, I used to think this was the first pressing that Mercury made before they switched to the skyscraper label. After almost 40 years, I discovered the truth today. The blue label was a second pressing made by Mercury in 1976, a year after the original which was released with the skyscraper label, with a B-side (“Who’d See Coo”) different from the original (“It’s All Over”). I would want the blue label in my dream jukebox although since it would be the song that’s played, it wouldn’t matter either way.