BOOK’S FOODIE: Adoboloco Pineapple hot sauce (review)

Adoboloco Pineapple photo AboboPineapple_label_zpsisisogy1.jpg For years, I’ve been wanting to try a hot sauce from Hawai’i called Adoboloco. I loved the name because it’s known that Filipinos love their chicken, especially their own chicken adobo. Nonetheless, I’ve been wanting to try one but never had the opportunity to order them, plus I didn’t get any as a free gift. However, a good friend from Oahu was nice enough to send me one and I had my first taste of Adoboloco and this was their pineapple variation.

I have been enjoying hot sauces with different fruits so I wasn’t sure how a pineapple hot sauce would be. I had read they use actual pineapples for this, not an extract or anything artificial so it was great that I had been given this. I tried it and woooo… this bugga is hot. I should say that on the meter on the Adoboloco bottle, it is listed as being between “Small Kine Spicy” and “Da Kine Stay Hot” so I at least knew (and hoped) it would be something I could handle. It is, but the heat kicks in immediately. It uses habanero peppers and also has apple cider vibera, sea salt, and garlic, but doesn’t taste too salty at all. I would say this fits in with any meal but if you’re someone that likes a lot of stews with pork, or savory dishes that feature pineapple, adding this will be a major plus. The pineapple flavor is very upfront but it is not overwhelming, it balances well with the peppers and in the end, I probably finished the bottle in about two days. I want to try this again but I would like to try Adoboloco’s other flavors too. In time.

To find out more about the company, head to Their pineapple hot sauce can also be ordered directly from the company.


“Day Fort” is a new song by TIO which was described this way in the press release:
Day Fort is the refuge we seek in the new nature of now. We are not opposed or defined by what we do not seek. From our underground bunker we see the light. Xenofeminism, new nature, the laws of change and the movement of our true boundary in three dimensions- our bodies. This music and these images are the sky looking down on the fort at the end of the world where a new one emerges. Let’s go back to the start.”

Does that work for you? Then make it work and let it pulsate your senses. If you are completely feeling this, you may also be interested in hearing a remix for it below, which you may download for free while supplies last.

AUDIO: Johnny Stewart’s “Flesh Blood Skin & Bones”

Are you in the mood for “raw thrash blues”? Did you even know you wanted some “raw thrash blues”? Then have a taste from Johnny Stewart, a nice rock touch with a hit of abrasiveness that is close to being abusive but very nice, if that makes any sense. This is the kind of music that is sorely missing on today’s radio, unless you listen to a radio station that plays rock blues like this. Maybe this song will save the airwaves, check out “Flesh Blood Skin & Bones”.

AUDIO: Brandee Younger’s “Dorothy Jeanne”

Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 is a unique project coming out on August 7th. The album is being presented by REVIVE and Blue Note Records and it combines a wide range of singers and musicians to show the possibilities of jazz, where it is, where it has been, and where it’s headed. Consider it something similar to the compilations from Japan that come out on a regular basis, but you don’t have to struggle to hunt this down. The first single will be a song by harpist Brandee Younger called “Dorothy Jeanne”, her ode to Dorothy Ashby. I hope this gets more attention than being something with just a casual NPR story.

VIDEO: ElSphinx featuring Giant Gorilla Dog Thing’s “Pork Swordsmen (J57 Remix)”

ElSphinx is here to offer you a new track called “Pork Swordsmen” and not only that, the song also features Giant Gorilla Dog Thing. Want it better? J57 of Brown Bag All-Stars handled the remix and you’re able to hear it until your heart is content. The original mix is on ElSphinx’s new album Brain Cave Deluxe.

AUDIO: Wild Ones’ “Show Me Islands”

Wild Ones photo WildOnes_old_zpsx15pigo0.jpg
Portland’s Wild Ones will be releasing a new EP on August 14th called Heat Wave and before you allow the music to burn up in your heart, have a taste of the heat with the second release from it called “Show Me Islands”. The group will be going on tour soon with The Helio Sequence, be on the lookout for dates. The EP can be pre-ordered directly from Topshelf Records.