VIDEO: Laure Briard’s “Révélation”

A bit of French pop/rock is presented here by Toulouse, France artist Laure Briard, who will be releasing her album Révélation on her hometown label 2000 Records in February, and the title track has been visualized for you. You may pre-order the album below from Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Michael Rault’s “Still Not Sad”

Director Jarod Gibson did “Still Not Sad”, a song by Michael Rault that is the A-side of his latest single on Burger Records that is a wonderful blend of sweet pop and rock done in a way that may resemble a few bands but will end up becoming a Michael Rault thing. It can be ordered as MP3’s below from Amazon, or on cassette directly form Burger. Full album is expected to be out in the spring

VIDEO: Jessica Childress’ “Run (Live in West Hollywood, CA)”

The Jam In The Van video series continues on strongly and the latest batch of songs/performances comes from Jessica Childress, who offers “Run” which were performed with her band in West Hollywood, California at the Filth Mart parking lot. If you’d like to check out the other two songs CHildress performed, click to watch “Tell Me” and “Starting Today“.

FREE DL: James Brown’s “Say It Loud (Wicha Bad Self) (Platurn’s Beat Flip)”

James Brown is easily one of the most sampled artists of all time and one of his songs is examined, sliced, chops, and flipped into a new mix, courtesy of DJ Platurn. It’s for the song “Say It Loud (I’m Black And I’m Proud)” so have a listen, then you’re able to download it until the unknown powers-of-the-unknown take it down. If you’re a rapper, you may want to use this during live performances, mix it in with one of your tracks by mixing it as part of the third verse, then cut out.

RECORD CRACK: Blis. to be “Starting Fires In My Parents House” next month

Blis. photo Blis_old_zps0211f180-1-1.jpg
Atlanta four-man band Blis. will be releasing a new record on February 10th called Starting Fires In My Parents House, a 4-song EP that is sure to take this group to the next level in their musical career. They actually released a single already for it called “Floating Somewhere High and Above” and now they’re coming out with a second? For an EP? If you can do it, do it, and they did it so have a little to the second single called “Stationary Life”, which you may listen to by heading to The record, which will be released in two different color variations (standard black and “kelly green/bone”), can be pre-ordered by heading to Soft Speak Records.

FREE MP3 DL: D.Focis’ “My Spot”

D.Focis is beginning the year on a great hill and he wants to show you “My Spot” as a means to extend the aroma up through your nostril holes. The song will appear on his Valentine’s Day album He Says She Says, so now you can a feel of the spot in question and organize. It’s a zesty rap track that will make you dance and do figure eights, don’t be afraid.