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ThisIsBooksMusic.com has returned

Officially, my website was in “maintenance mode”. To make a long story short, after eight years, I decided to find a new place to host the website, which coincided with the renewal of the domain. Finding a new place to host was the easy part, transferring the files was another story. Moving the files was easy but in the background, there needed to be a bit of “reconfiguring”. Nonethelesss, you are reading this, and that means the website is up and running. In the words of Chip Monck from Woodstock, “after a short intermission, we’ll continue.”

AUDIO: OG Layla Johnson’s “New Flava In Ya Ear”

19 years after its original release, the power of Craig Mack is still strong, as heard by OG Layla Johnson who puts her new set of lyrics over the original song to create a “New Flava In Ya Ear”. It only lasts 150 seconds so make sure it is worth your while, and it can be if you allow it.

VIDEO: Shabaam Sahdeeq’s “Keepers Of The Lost Art”

It’s the title song to Shabaam Sahdeeq’s latest album, and now it has been turned into a video but warning: do not get dizzy while watching it. The song was produced by Res Nullius, consume it in full.

SOME STUFFS: Wampire stream “Bazaar” album five days before release date

Wampire fans have been waiting for the second half of 2014 to hear a new album, and the album is here. Bazaar will be released on October 7th, but they’re streaming it in full for all to hear and get warmed up to. You may pre-order it below via Bandcamp if you wish, or get hard copy versions by heading to Polyvinyl Records. The band are now on tour, so head out to see them and party until your fist gets moist.

October 1… Boulder, CO (Fox Theatre) *#
October 2… Denver, CO (Lost Lake) %
October 3… Lawrence, KS (Replay Lounge) %
October 4… Minneapolis, MN (7th Street Entry) %
October 6… Madison, WI (The Frequency) %
October 7… St. Louis, MO (Demo) %
October 8… Nashville, TN (The End) %
October 9… Indianapolis, IN (The Hi-Fi)
October 10… Chicago, IL (Subterranean) %
October 11… Detroit, MI (Jumbo’s) %
October 12… Cleveland, OH (Happy Dog) %
October 14… Toronto, ON (Silver Dollar) %
October 15… Montreal, QC (Le Divan Orange) %
October 16… Boston, MA (The Church) %
October 17… Brooklyn, NY (Baby’s All Right) %
October 18… Philadelphia, PA (MilkBoy) %
October 21-25… CMJ
October 27… Washington, DC (DC9) %
October 28… Chapel Hill, NC (Cat’s Cradle Back Room) %
October 29… Atlanta, GA (529) %
October 30… Birmingham, AL (Syndicate Lounge) %
October 31… New Orleans, LA (Circle Bar) %
November 1… Houston, TX (Fitzgerald’s Downstairs) %
November 3… Dallas, TX (City Tavern) %
November 4… Austin, TX (Holy Mountai)n %
November 5… El Paso, TX (Lowbrow Palace) %
November 7… Salt Lake City (The Garage)
November 8… Boise, ID (Neurolux)

* w/ Temples
# w/ Fever The Ghost
% w/ TOPS

AUDIO: D.Prince’s “Fedora On Tilt”

For some artists, it’s all about attitude but when you can offer that attitude within quality music, you can’t do any wrong. That may be true for D.Prince, who is about to bust out with the Black Sinatra album but he’s coming out with a mini-street album of sorts called The Fedora Tape. Make sure you’re clean, put it on for size, and listen to “Fedora On Tilt”. The mini-street album is due out in 14 days, while Black Sinatra surfaces next month.

AUDIO: Spacesuits featuring LMNO, Moka Only & Mr. Brady’s “Spacesuits”

Spacesuits featuring LMNO, Moka Only & Mr. Brady will be releasing an album on October 14th simply called Spacesuits and whether they’ll be jumping in some or they want fans to get into their own is unknown at this time, but you can hear one of the songs they’d like for you to dance to and create hip-hop lyric hand gestures. Listen to their eponymous song and see how well Spacesuits featuring LMNO, Moka Only & Mr. Brady do with one another like brothers, no smothers. The album will be released on vinyl on October 14th, the day you’ll also be able to purchase it digitally as well.

RECORD CRACK: “Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert” album to be reissued on audiophile vinyl by Audio Fidelity

 photo EricClaptonRainbow_cover_zps4a401b9d.jpg
Considered by many to be one of the best albums Eric Clapton ever released, one that remains highly celebrated for those who prefer his music before 461 Ocean Boulevard. For those who know it very well, Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert album is being reissued and remastered on vinyl by Audio Fidelity. For those who haven’t heard of it or wanted to pick it up but haven’t been able to find any pressing of it, this will be your chance.

Performed and released in 1973, these performances at the Rainbow Theater in London were done after the huge success Clapton had with the first and only Derek And The Dominoes album. He had taken a two year hiatus from the studio and the stage, partly due to a heroin addiction. Once he was able to move himself out of that phase, he wanted to do a concert and he chose to bring on some of his friends. Those friends included Pete Townshend, Steve Winwood, Ron (“Ronnie”) Wood, Jim Capaldi, Rick Grech and many more. If you know who those guys are, it’s essentially members of Blind Faith, Traffic, The Faces, and of course The Who. The show was meant to be informal, nothing more than a casual jam session to those who wanted to see and hear the music. Fans were praised by greatness, and despite the fact the live album only contained six songs, it received great reviews and sold considerably well. Then again, it was Eric Clapton. The record featured new performance of “Presence Of The Lord”, “After Midnight”, “Little Wing”, “Roll It Over”, “Pearly Queen”, and “Badge”.

The album is significant partly because it was his first show where he introduced his Fender Stratocaster guitar that he simply called “Blackie”, due to the black paint job. It would become one of his trademark guitars for the next 40 years. Also, a year after he released this live album, he came out with 461 Ocean Boulevard, the album that featured his cover of Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff”. That lead him to having a lot of pop radio hits for the remainder of the 1970’s, carrying him through having more in the 1980’s. While Clapton never once gave up the blues, many felt his hit phase was the end of one era and the start of another, leaving many fans still split to this day, despite the fact they still honor his guitar work.

The new pressing, which will be packaged in a gatefold cover similar to the 1973 original, will be released on November 18th, in time for the holiday season. With the number of Clapton albums Audio Fidelity have been remastering for compact disc, this is the first album that is getting a vinyl edition.

VIDEO: Ayron Jones & The Way’s “My Love Remains”

Produced by Sir Mix-A-Lot, Ayron Jones & The Way apparently played locally in August and I didn’t even hear about it. I would’ve checked him out had I known, but this artist, who combines elements of soul, blues, rock and more, is breaking out of the Pacific Northwest to show a different side to the vast Seattle sound, something that people have been aware of for over 50 years but, it’s time to wake up some sleepyheads again. Maybe Ayron Jones & The Way will do it, and they can begin with “My Love Remains”.

RECORD CRACK: Veruca Salt’s “American Thighs” album to be issued on vinyl for the first time, in honor of its 20th anniversary

 photo VerucaSalt_cover_zps7f092ee8.jpg
If you remember the band Veruca Salt, you may be still keeping their American Thighs album in decent rotation. The album was released 20 years ago and in honor of its anniversary, Minty Fresh Records will be reissuing the album on 180g vinyl on November 4th.

The album was actually released on September 27, 1994 so its actual anniversary was celebrated four days ago, but sometimes things delay itself and… anyway, no matter. When the album was released on a major via DGC/Geffen, it came out on November 8th so regardless, the anniversary is upon us. Believe it or not, this is the first time the album is coming out on vinyl, as the initial pressing was solely on CD and cassette. The new pressing will be packaged with alternate artwork. The album sold over 500,000 copies, making it cold within the United States and came out at the end of the alternative music rage of the first half of the 1990’s, but regardless of what the labels and critics called it, the music still holds up. If you had only downloaded the album but would like to have it in your format of choice, you will next month. You may pre-order the record below through Amazon.com.

AUDIO: Kat Quinn’s “Phoenix”

 photo KatQuinn_old_zpse5c7b5ce.jpg
It’s nice when a young or upcoming artist doesn’t be too boastful in their press release, I don’t want to read something that overdoes it. The press release for Kat Quinn calls her an “indie pop songstress”, which for me is direct and to the point, and also honest. It’s not a celebration, it’s just saying “this is Kat Quinn, this is what she plans, this is what she’s about.” I do remember her when she appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as part of a segment called “Battle of The Instant Songwriters”, where a number of singers had to write a song in a short amount of time before performing it for Fallon’s studio audience and TV viewers. Now that Fallon has moved on to The Tonight Show, it’s possible that Quinn can make a bold appearance there. Listen to “Phoenix” and see how her acoustic folk vibe will be able to capture audiences.

VIDEO: Bass Drum Of Death’s “Left For Dead”

The almighty Bass Drum Of Death are just around the corner from releasing a brand new album on Innovative Leisure called Rip This, and these juicers are ready to rock and split you open enough to create a new video for a song you will find yourself getting ticklish with on the new album. Watch “Left For Dead” and watch for internal destruction.

The band are on tour for the next three months, including a visit to Europe in November, so if you can head out, head out. If you no can head out, then no can head out.
October 1… St. Louis, MO (The Demo) *
October 2… Chicago, IL (Subterranean) *
October 3… Toronto, ON (Horseshoe Tavern) *
October 4… Ithatca, NY (The Haunt) *
October 5… Burlington, VT (Signal Kitchen) *
October 6… Cambridge, MA (Middle East) *
October 8… New York, NY (Santos Party House) *
October 9… Philadelphia, PA (The Barbary) *
October 11… Washington, DC (Comet Ping Pong) *
October 12… Asheville, NC (The Grey Eagle) *
October 13… Atlanta, GA (529) *
October 19… Los Angeles, CA (Echo)
October 20… San Francisco, CA (Great American Music Hall)
October 23… Oxford, MS (Proud Larry’s)
November 11… Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso)
November 12… London, UK (Birthdays)
November 14… Manchester, UK (The Roadhouse)
November 16… Brussels, Belgium (Magasin 4)
November 18… Hasselt, Belgium (Muzikodroom)
November 19… Tilburg, Netherlands (013)
November 21… Malmo, Sweden (Babel)
November 22… Stockholm, Sweden (Debaser)
November 23… Copenhagen, Denmark (Loppen)
November 24… Berlin, Germany (Bang Bang Club)
November 25… Dresden, Germany (Groovestation)
November 27… Dudingen, Switzerland (Bad Bonn)
November 28… Bologna, Italy (Covo Club)
November 29… Rosà, Italy (Vincenza) (Vinile)
November 30… Torino, Italy (Astoria)
December 2… Lyon, France (Ayers Rock Boat)
December 3… Paris, France (Bus Palladium)

* = w/ People’s Temple

Rip This will be out on October 7th.