VIDEO: Hannah Lou Clark’s “Kids In Heat”

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The guitar and bass riffs reminded me of Nirvana’s “No Apologies” for some reason but the vocals from Hannah Lou Clark sound like a combination of Belinda Carlisle and Susannah Hoffs, but with her own depth and dimension that makes me want to listen to more. She’ll be releasing an EP on January 14 but for this singer who says she is influenced by the likes of Billy Childish and Charles Bukowski, there’s a sense that she’ll be doing a good sense of exploring in the years to come. For now, listen to “Kids In Heat”.

FREE MP3 DL: Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj’s “Touching And Loving (Benja Styles Reggae Remix)”

This may be something I wouldn’t even put on my site but it’s a remix and I feel it’s worth giving a shot. It’s a remix by Benja Styles where he gives Trey Songz’s “Touching And Loving” a nice reggae/dancehall treatment. With the addition of Nicki Minaj in there, some of you may feel this is better than the original, so take it and consume with your favorite milk (or milk-like beverage).

VIDEO: Jayryde featuring Meco Nicole’s “What That Mean”

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Taking it easy is what St. Louis’ Jayryde may do when things are good in his part of town, and what he does may be described in a song he did with Meco Nicole collaborating called “What That Mean”. What does that mean? Don’t know right now but what I do know is that Jayryde will be releasing a street album very soon called The Phenom 3. He directed the video himself, so have a look and see how he is in a visual medium.

AUDIO: Tarcar’s “Fireball”

Tarcar are to release a new EP next month called Mince Glace (Blackest Ever Black) and if next month seems like a far distance, keep in mind the release date is December 15th, so just under three weeks from now. The music is haunting and full of echo and reverb, or “shut-in dub dysfunction” according to the press release, so if you’re someone who loves your dub music to be filled with paranoia but without regret, you are sure to immerse yourself in the deep sounds of Tarcar. The EP can be pre-ordered from Blackest Ever Black

AUDIO: Stereo Off’s “Hotel Mirror”

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With a name like Stereo Off, you have to make sure your group pulls off the power that the name provides. Then again, their name is Stereo Off, so it’s all about turning something off in order to get something on, so to speak. The New York City indie/electro band are about to release their new EP (their second) and they have a song from it to share, so check out “Hotel Mirror” and listen to how on Stereo Off are.

AUDIO: Tipare’s “My Decision”

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Tipare is a singer based out of Aukland, New Zealand who has made a very powerful pop song with very obvious reggae overtones, to the point where if she allowed it to have a dub mix, it would hold together in its own way. As for “My Decision”, it’s a song about knowing someone whom she likes but is seen with another woman, she she decides to live life in her own way to feel the love she would like to be close to. The video at first seemed a bit weird, almost just random images of her around different locales but finally we see her lip-syncing, which oddly enough I wanted to see. She lures the viewer in and im the words of Kwest The Madd Lad, boom: there it is. Tipare directed the video herself with help from photographer Tamara Azizian. This is sure to be massive around the Pacific Rim and elsewhere.

My Decision from TIPARE on Vimeo.