VIDEO: Grave Pool’s “Through The Skylight”

Grave Pool photo GravePool_old_zpsxcc063nd.jpg
He is not born Grave Pool nor is he from the Pool family, he goes by the name of Devan Kochersperger to close friends but you may find it easier to just call him Grave Pool. Known both names, but also become to know him for his style of pop music. Some call it dream pop, others call it celestial pop, others know what he does and do not bother to try to say what he does by name. His debut album is called Mnemonics (80s Ladies), and you can find out where his pop takes you with “Through The Skylight”.

VIDEO: Red Pill’s “Rap Game Cranky”

A solo album is on its way from Red Pill, and from it will be something not shanky called “Rap Game Cranky” and who is the one that is cranky? Red Pill himself? Another rapper? Fans? Find out the truth behind his venom. Well, find out if it’s really venom or something else. You may know him from Ugly Heroes, now see how he does things on his own. Video was directed by Jay Brown while the song was put together by producer Duke Westlake. The album, called “Look What This World Did To Us, will be out on April 7th.

RECORD CRACK: Dead Riders to release a new single later this month

Dead Rider photo DeadRider_old_zpseq4cx6jc.jpg
On its way later this month on Drag City Records is a new single by Dead Riders, who will be doing some shows in the midwest mid-month befre dropping the record. First, here are the tour dates:
March 14… Milwaukee, WI (Company Brewing)
March 15… Chicago, IL (Empty Bottle)
March 21… Madison, WI (Frequency)

Here’s the official picture sleeve for “New End” b/w “Uncomfy”.
Dead Riders photo DeadRider_PS_zpsuvcdfvsx.jpg

If you don’t have a turntable/record player/phonograph, you are able to buy it digitally. Pre-orders directly from Drag City Records, wnere you’ll also hear excerpts of each song.

FREE MP3 DL: Audible Doctor featuring Davenport Grimes’ “The Cycle/So Tired (Remix)”

You may see the graphic and think “ooh ,something I need to get on vinyl” but the mix you are about to listen to isn’t on vinyl. False advertising? I don’t know but I will say what I do know. This is The Audible Doctor and Davenport Grimes can be heard in “The Cycle/So Tired (Remix)” because it was made that way. Now you might be asking “why hype up the song with a record?” Don’t ask me, I don’t know. What I do know is that this song/mix is nice and worth downloading, while supplies last. As for the record and to find out what is on it, check out the Bandcamp box below, where you’re able to order it that way or of course digitally.

VIDEO: Aaron Cohen & AbGoHard’s “Right Here”

Aaron Cohen & ABgohard photo AaronCohenAb_cover_zpsratr7wdf.jpg
Aaron Cohen and AbGoHard are together not only as friends, but they recorded a set of songs that has become their new 8-song EP, called Ugly Boyz. These guys know what the hell they’re doing so if you’d like to know what they know, check out “Right Here” right now and find out what these two are doing and why they’re so good at it. There’s even a kitten getting down to the beat, so watch out.

FREE MP3 DL: God.Money.Dope’s “100 Million”

 photo GodMoneyDope_old_zpsk8two41l.jpg
The Oakland hip-hop scene remains strong in 2015 and one group who are making things work for themselves are called God.Money.Dope, or GMD for short. They write and produce among other things and they will be releasing album next month and for a hint, check out “100 Million” and say hello to Lucky Luchi and Tha Dondada. The song is downloadable for free, while supplies last.

RECORD CRACK: Qui to begin new series of 7″ singles, release tour dates with Sebadoh, and dance in new video

The guys in Qui continue to be wacky and zany in their music videos, but I think that’s a forever thing. Their new video is off of their ife, Water, Living… album, so check out what they’re up to in “The Kind of Jazz This Is”, directed by Rory Werner and shot by Triana Pardon.

The video coincides with news about a new series of singles Qui will start releasing this month, the first being an effort on the Blood Of The Young label. That one will be their own record while the next one will be a split effort with hepa/Titus, who some of you may know for being Melvins-related, and that record will be on Cobraside. Here’s a look at the picture sleeves.
Qui photo Qui_PS_zpszbcuzfhu.jpg

On top of that, they’re going on tour with Sebadoh this month. THey will remain on tour for another two weeks in April before taking a break and finding their way in Los Angeles in May. Show love and have money to buy merchandise.

March 17… Brooklyn, NY (Music Hall of Williamsburg) *
March 18… Philadelphia, PA (Union Transfer) *
March 19… Washington, DC (Black Cat) *
March 20… Northampton, MA (Street Nightclub) *
March 21… Boston, MA (Brighton Music Hall) *
March 23… Raleigh, NC (Kings) *
March 24… Atlanta, GA (The Earl) *
March 25… Louisville, KY (Zanzabar) *
March 26… Knoxville, TN (The Concourse at The International) *
March 27… Cincinnati, OH (The Woodward Theater) *
March 28… Morgantown, WV (123 Pleasant Street) *
April 1… Indianapolis, IN (TBA)
April 2… Chicago, IL (The Double Door)
April 3… Minneaoplis, MN (Grumpy’s)
April 4… Kansas City, MO (The Ship)
April 5… Fayetteville, AR (JR’s Lightbulb Club)
April 6… Oxford, MS (Proud Larry’s)
April 7… Little Rock, AR (Vino’s)
April 8… Dallas, TX (Three Links)
April 9… Austin, TX (Red 7)
April 11… Phoenix, AZ (TBA)
May 3… Los Angeles, CA (Cafe NELA)

* w/ Sebadoh