VIDEO: Myrkur’s “Onde Børn”

Cille Hannibal & Olivia Frølich directed this new one by Myrkur called “Onde Børn”, which may be a new and unique song for some of you but what to you think? Quite harmonius? It definitely has a chilling effect, doesn’t it? The song will be released on their forthcoming Relapse album called M, scheduled for release on August 21st.

FREE MP3 DL: Charles Only’s “Blue Checkmark”

Once upon a time, there was a group named Dumhi and one of its members was named Shameless Plug. The rapper eventually opened himself up to sing more and things were left as is. Then he decided to widen his scope, which meant he would change his name. Welcome yourself to Charles Only, which is based after his real first name so if you have never heard of Shameless or what he did before, then get yourself familiar with Charles Only. “Blue Checkmark” is a nice soulful track he did with producer Nemes1s and with luck, this will be the one that will take him to the next level.

VIDEO: Butcher Babies’ “Monsters Ball”

Will you be able to take it like a man? Would you if it came from a group fronted by two ladies? Too bad, because you’re about to do it with a group named Butcher Babies, whose new video “Monsters Ball” is a track taken from their latest album Take It Like A Man, which will be ready on August 21st. Well, it’s technically ready now but you will not be able to hear it for another two months.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Marshall’s Haute Sauce habañero Carrot Curry (review)

It has been a year since I last did a hot sauce review here at This Is Book’s Music. I knew I hadn’t done reviews in awhile but one year and a month? The last one I did was for Thai And True Sarachee Hot Sauce out of Portland. I’ve been saving bottles in the hopes to do more reviews again but as the bottles have been gathering, I realized I better do it now before the amount of bottles become overwhelming. In truth, it’s just six bottles but with it being the first day of summer of 2015, I figure it would be a good time to start it up again. Let’s begin.

Marshall's Haute Sauce photo MarshallsHaute_label_zps5iwqsfbp.jpg If you have been keeping track of my hot sauce reviews, you’ll know that I go to Portland on a regular basis, and I enjoy wanting to try out the different hot sauces from the city. I always see a brand who sell hot sauce in a cool small bottle called Marshall’s Hot Sauce but I never went out of my way to buy them. I eventually bought a bottle and I was quite happy with the results.

I enjoy the curry hot sauces I’ve bought and this habañero curry sauce variation had to be bought as my introduction to Marshall’s and it is great. The curry is very much present and the heat on this one isn’t one that’ll freak you out or make you burn your eyes out. If this one is as good as their other flavors, I look forward to trying them in the near future.

Marshall’s was started by Sarah Marshall and the sauce is nicely distributed throughout Portland and parts of the Pacific Northwest. Some of the other variations they make include Serrano Ginger Lemongrass and Red Chili Lime, you can buy them individually or as gift packs. They also make a hot barbeque sauce, something else that would be of interest. You can find out more about Marshall’s by heading to

AUDIO: J.Reign featuring Nico Racks & Tre Dolla’s “Wrong With Me”

When I had read the description for this song by J.Reign, it said he “has also been at work recording a new LP titled Hat Trick” and I thought “also from what? What were you talking about beforehand because if there was a sentence or paragraph before, it is missing.” I continue to read when the second sentence begins “also he has been busy collaborating on videos as well” and now I’m thinking “wow, the use of the word ‘also’ twice, do I need that much confusion? I ignore the grammatical errors and check out the song he did with Tre Dolla and is there anything wrong with him, or them, in any way? Not at all. If you like what you hear, it is a preview of a street album to come, which is a pre-cursor of a full length album on its way. Be patient, my friends.

VIDEO: Kadavar’s “The Old Man”

Berlin (Nuclear Blast) is the latest album from Kadavar and it will make itself known on August 21st. The German band are ready to unleash their fourth studio album (their fifth album overall) so if you love their brand of hard rock with slight psychedelic touches as if they came from the early 70’s to please and treat you well, you will be in for a treat. Check out “The Old Man” as a preview of the album. If you’d like to check out their previous work, explore their official Bandcamp page.

VIDEO: Act Of Defiance’s “Throwback”

Metal Blade Records will be releasing Birth And The Burial by heavy metal band Act Of Defiance on August 21st. The group features former members of Megadeth (Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick), Scar The Martyr (vocalist Henry Derek Bonner) and Shadow Fall (Matt Bachard). Together, they mix up speed metal with a bit of progressive metal, exchanging their reach without a need to preach, but they will make believers out of you.