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BOOK’S JOOK: The S.O.S. Band’s “Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Part 1)”

  • Book’s Jook is a column dedicated to placing a record within my dream jukebox, if I were to have one. The Seeburg jukebox shown below is similar to the one I have wanted since I was a kid. To read more on why I started this column, click here.

     photo SOSBand_label_zpsc282abf0.jpg
    “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” will always be known to me as my “growing up” song. I was 9 and when you’re that age, you look forward to finally being in the double digits. It was 1980, it was a new era, a new time, my outlook on life may have been extremely limited but we were in a new decade, it was all about newness. Disco was allegedly dead and thus what The S.O.S. Band were doing were making a new type of music. It may have sounded like disco, and in my mind it didn’t even though it was literally still disco (or balancing on its borderline), yet being in a new decade, it sounded so new to me. There was a sense of optimism and when I heard the song on the radio for the first time, I loved it. I had to have the 45 and my mom bought me a copy. I played it endlessly, danced to it, loved everything about it: the claps, the synths, Mary Davis’ vocals, the balance of verses and the chorus, but it didn’t get that technical for me, at least not yet. I didn’t know who the singer was, and while I would eventually get their first album, I probably looked at the names and gave up figuring out who they were, partly because there was no photo of the band on the cover or non-existent inner sleeve. I’m sure I saw them on some TV show but seeing as music and videos were not synched on a regular basis, it wasn’t an issue. All I knew was that this group had a lady, the other people were guys, and that was that. Had no idea they were from Atlanta, didn’t know what a Tabu was (and I definitely wasn’t saying the word “taboo” at the age of 9), it was just the song.

    As for that song, I didn’t really know what the lyrics were about either. “Baby, if you do it, take the time, do it right/we can do it baby, do it tonight”. It was cute, maybe it’s about two people dancing to each other, but there was no sense of naughiness. At least not yet, that would happen a few years later and I realized they were being subtle if you were a kid, but once there was an awareness, it became very blunt. Years later, when I really got into “Just The Way You Like It”, a song which touched on a woman not caring if her man was seeing another woman because he will always come back to her, I started hearing these songs very differently. “Tell Me If You Still Care” may have been subtle too but the video had a couple coming out of bed in silky bed sheets. That left me wide eyed, iit wasn’t something one would see in a music video on a regular basis. Point is, The S.O.S. Band were sensual and romantic but it would take time and experience to know about it.

    Regardless of the topic, “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” was a great song to get down to, and I always loved the mix on the 45, edited nicely without going overboard, although when I got the album, the eight minute version was it and the 45 was left to the side. There was more to dance and get down to, the 45 almost seemed like an after-thought. However, I’d always think about the 45 edit. I heard it recently on a radio show out of Minneapolis and immediately my mind went back to the initial listen, where things were cut up nice and without delay before fading out. I wasn’t aware until today that there were three different variations of the Tabu 45 in the U.S., but mine was one of the copies (2nd or 3rd) that had “Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Part 2)” on the B-side, which featured a different arrangement of the second half of the album version. What I also didn’t know until today was that the song was recorded in 1979, so it seemed they were trying to hold on to what still existed but knew they had to move forward. The song is already reminiscing of the good times while being there to create new ones. Either way, the song takes me back when things were much more innocent, at least until the lyrics were understood and I learned I too wanted to take my time and eventually learn and understand what it meant to “do it right”.

    The version The S.O.S. Band lip-synched to on Soul Train is the 45 edit, so if you’ve never heard it before, you’ll note how different some portions are throughout. This is the hit version.

  • VIDEO: Blues Pills’ “High Class Woman”

    Europe received the album last week Friday, the UK had it today, while we in the US will receive it next week Tuesday. I speak of the debut album by Blues Pills, a mean hard rock band with a bluesy feel not unlike Cold Blood. The video was directed by Joan Manuel Urquiaga Valdes, who turns things into a mini-suspense thriller, or at least as much suspense as you can squeeze in a span less than 300 minutes.

    SOME STUFFS: Cementimental releases album of live recordings

    While in London this past spring for a tour, Cementimental decided to record what happened, with different mediums. The end result is an album simply titled London Tour April 2014, which features him with Bipolar Joe Jr. creating everything from harsh noise to insane anti-turntablism competitions.

    If the Bandcamp player isn’t showing, you can also stream/listen/download the tracks through Archive.org below.

    FREE MP3 DL: JKJ’s “Green Light”

    Satisfied with the action created by sound, JKJ wants to give it to you where it’s at, and where it’s at comes from one source, a “Green Light”. Marz Mega produced this hustler for him, and now it will want to hustle you back with a mean ol’ fwack.

    SOME STUFFS: Devon Williams shares new video and tour dates

     photo DevonWilliams_old_zps827dab42.jpg
    “Puzzle” is the latest creation from Devon Williams, a song taken from her current album released last month on Slumberland called Gilding The Lily. As you prepare to sit (or stand) and watch the video, you’ll also want to check out the dates and west coast venues she is scheduled to perform at in the coming weeks and months, where she’ll be joined by other artists, some of which may be friends (or friends-to-be):

    August 17… Los Angeles, CA (Little Joy/Echo Park Rising)
    September 6… Santa Rosa, CA (Arlene Francis Center) *#
    September 7… Olympia, WA (Northern) *
    September 8… Seattle, WA (Dragon Room) *
    September 10… Portland, OR (Holocene) *
    September 11… San Francisco, CA (The Knockout) *%
    October 25… Los Angeles, CA (Troubadour) $
    November 1… San Diego, CA (Casbah) ^
    November 2… Los Angeles, CA (Bootleg) ^
    November 4… San Francisco, CA (Bottom Of The Hill) ^

    * = w/ Melted Toys
    # = w/ The Hive Dwellers
    % = w/ The Mantles
    $ = w/ Tennis
    ^ = w/ Frankie Rose

    Now have a look at “Puzzle”.

    VIDEO/AUDIO: Bruse Wane featuring Sean Price’s “Beat Inside”

    When you’re yelled at by your mom to run into the house, you don’t want to hear that scream followed by a belt buckle as you know you’re going to get beat inside. But this is not that type of song, Bruse Wane is not about that for this adventure, nor is Sean Price, who joins him in what they’re calling “Beat Inside” so in the words of Wane himself, chill, then relax.

    RECORD CRACK: Betrayer and Neolith release split vinyl effort

     photo BetrayerNeolith_PS_zpsc00db49c.jpg
    Polish black and death metal fans should be familiar with both of these bands, or for those outside of the country who are into the adventurous side of metal, you may know the names of Betrayer and Neolith. Now they are united as one, at least on vinyl, when they put together a split record with one song from each group, both brand new. Neolith’s song is called “Of The Angel And His Orisin” while Betrayer tell the listeners to “Beware”. Only 500 copies of the record have been made, with the first 100 pressed on splatter red/brown vinyl. To order a copy, write to fallentemple [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

    SOME STUFFS: Wormwood share new single from “Microdot” EP

     photo Wormwood_old_zpsdacf4553.jpg
    Released a few months ago in late spring, Microdot (Punctum) is the latest effort from a duo who go by the name Wormwood. It’s the follow up to their debut album from last year called Sunfloating and this new effort is just a new set of music meant to let people know they’re here and creating for themselves and you. Canadian multi-instrumentalists Christina Willatt (vocals) and Andrew Wenaus (producer) have released a single from it, perhaps a song that will spruce up your summer (or winter for those in the southern hemisphere) activities, you may now listen to “268″ by heading to this website (embedding not allowed, unfortunately) but if you’d like to hear more on what they have to offer, check out their official Soundcloud page with a number of other songs to choose from.

    FREE MP3 DL: Bones featuring Grit’s “Got II”

    Bones says he got to, but we’re unsure of what he has to do. Then you listen to the song and realize what he’s saying is that he has two of something. But what? Is the song “I Got II” or “Got II”? Regardless, Bones has done this song with a strut of the cut, and he brings in Grit to add his moniker to the song for emphasis. Pimpin’ in the nicest way. The Philadelphia rapper will be placing this on his forthcoming street album, Street Luxury, be on the lookout for it.

    AUDIO: Q. Guyton’s “Henny & Grand Marnier”

    If you didn’t know any better, you might thing Henny & Grand Marnier are an older couple who run car lots in your city. But you know what that refers to, and so does Q. Guyton, who made a song about the drink combination for his new street album, Reduction. Things were not reduced for the video for the song and… okay, maybe it’s all perception, but the song is factually good for some of you. Nah, make it all of you. The street album is available as a free download by clicking here.