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VIDEO: The Cleopatra Club’s “Ride The Night”

The Cleopatra Club are a pop group from New Jersey who occasionally like to splash in a bit of groove with their songs, such as “Ride The Night”, taken from their current EP The Neon Collection. If anything, it shows there are singers who are moving far away from Auto-Tune and while the song has a slightly simple approach, it works for me on those two factors alone.

VIDEO: Moulettes’ “Constellations”

 photo Moulettes_old_zps5209c0ed.jpg
Someone called the music of Moulettes “orchestra folk” and that is just goofy. People are open to interpration but that doesn’t feel right to me. I hear pop, good ol’ pop with a lot of intricacies, and you may hear it in their song “Constellations”, which has been turned into a nice video. The group not only sound like creators, but innovators and interpreters, expect more good music from them in the near future.

VIDEO: Has-Lo & Castle’s “Famished”

If you didn’t know, Has-Lo and Castle has a new album on Mello Music Group called Live Like You’re Dead so as you’re living/dying, you may/may not want to take a listen to one of its songs, “Famished”. Safe to say, it’s best that you be alive to take a listen, it wouldn’t be helpful if you’re unable to smile after checking it out. Pat Murray directed this one.

AUDIO: Populous featuring Cuushe’s “Fall”

Populous is gearing up to release a new album in just under two weeks called Night Safari (Bad Panda/Folk Wisdom) and from it is a song called “Fall”, in time for the new season and in time for you to be cautious while moving around while listening, hoping you will not fall down. The song features Cuushe. You can pre-order the digital files for the album via Bandcamp, or the hard copy (i.e. vinyl or CD) from Interbang Records.

AUDIO: Godflesh’s “Imperator”

The song has a beat but it has a lot of meat, and when it has a lot of meat, you know it has to mean Godflesh. They will be releasing a new album on October 7th called A World Lit Only By Fire (Avalanche Recordings), and you can listen to a song nicely passed out to the world, called “Imperator”.

VIDEO: Evan Barlow’s “So What”

Can war and terrorism make people paranoid? If you listen to the new song by Virginia’s Evan Barlow, you might not think so but he may be speaking for those who are freaked out because of what they think they know but don’t. His song is called “So What”, produced by Andrew Hypes.

AUDIO: The Yetis’ “Little Surfer Girl”

 photo TheYetis_old_zps86b39416.jpg
Some of you may know the town Allentown, Pennsylvania for being the subject of a Billy Joel song but it’s time to know it for an indie pop band who call themselves The Yetis. They’ve made a song that is their new single and it’s called “Little Surfer Girl” and surprisingly, it is an original composition, not a Beach Boys cover. This means it updates what a little surfer girl or woman can do or optimistically wait for at the beach. Truth to what The Yetis say, surf is not the same out in the snow, which is true, although you can take the adventure and turn it into snowboarding, just wear different clothes.

LYRIC VIDEO: Centinex’s “Moist Purple Skin”

 photo Centinex_old_zpsb388b843.jpg
The guys in Sweden’s Centinex have returned after taking an eight year break (call it a hiatus if you will) and they will be coming back with a new album in November called Redeeming Filth (Agonia). The band have created a lyric video for the song “Moist Purple Skin” as a means to get immersed in what they’ve been doing this year, so check it out by heading to British Metal Hammer. Vinyl pressing for the album will be available in both black and brown color variations.

FREE MP3 DL: M-Dot’s “Praverbs”

 photo Praverb_old_zps3272ea99.jpg
Earl Patrick McNease was someone who loved hip-hop in his heart and showed this in what he had done online as well as in real life. Yesterday, it was announced that he died, for reasons unknown at this time. He was known as Praverb The Wyse, or Praverb for short, and the comments about his passing were immediate. Rapper M-Dot said he was talking with Praverb on the phone the night before he died so when he discovered the news, he felt he had to honor him in song. “Praverbs” is his tribute, done with producer Jerz.

VIDEO: Benjamin Verdoes’ “So Bari”

If you are familiar with Mt. Saint Helens Vietnam Band or Iska Dhaaf, then you should know who Benjamin Verdoes is, who went on a solo route earlier this year to release an album called The Evil Eye. He decided to use the assistance of director Tristan Seniuk to create a video for one of the album’s songs, “So Bari”, which is sung in Somali. It’s a unique project that you may find yourself getting caught up in.