FREE MP3 DL: Rico Rich’s “Air Max ’97s”

Not sure if Rico Rich is making a product endorsement, talking about a certain time in his history, or if it’s a mixture of both but “Air Max ’97s” could easily be about a loaf of bread and how to keep it warm and good. That may be possible but most likely not so if you’re a fan of Rich, you’ll think this song is full of the riches you’ve come to expect from him. The song is for free, while supplies last.

RECORD CRACK: Early Melvins records to get special reissues

 photo Melvins_covers_zpscc60b0ae.jpg
If you’ve been a Melvins fan as I have, you most likely already have the original pressings of what will be reissued. The exception is that you’re not going to have these specific pressings, which will be unique in this configuration.

The records that will be released are their second album Ozma, their third album Bullhead, their fourth album Lysol, along with the EP that came before Bullhead, the awesome Eggnog:

  • Ozma was the album that followed up their awesome debut, Gluey Porch Treatments. By then, bassist Matt Lukin left the band and headed up to Seattle to join a few members of the now-defunct Green River in order to start Mudhoney. By then, Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover moved from Washington State to San Francisco, where Buzz met with bassist Lori Black. It was through this move that Buzz met up with Tom Flynn of Boner Records, and they ended up working together for a good four years. In fact, it is Boner Records who is handling the new reissues.

  • Eggnog was an EP that lead towards their third album, with three bite-sized songs on Side A and one bun-length song on the B-Side, which was incredibly slow. Despite its Christmas-themed cover, it was not a holiday record but its music was very much a treat.

  • I originally felt Bullhead was a weird album when it was originally released in 1991, not sure if it was because the arrangements of the songs sounded different, they began to be more open with their musicianship, or that the speed of the drums sounded different from their first batch of records. Perhaps it was the beginning of Melvins becoming more open with themselves, and it had taken me awhile before I got into enjoying this fully. I always loved “It’s Shoved” but by the time I finally got into the album as a whole, I realized everything I needed to hear was already there. I just needed to catch up.

  • When Lysol was released, I oddly enjoyed the music, and I say “oddly” for a few reasons. Originally, there was no track listing on the cover so I assumed that it was just one gigantic song divided over two songs. I hadn’t been familiar with Alice Cooper’s “The Ballad Of Dwight Fry” so I wasn’t aware it was covered on the album, nor did I know the album had six songs in total, so I loved it as some Yes-like mammoth feat. When I learned there were six songs, I had to re-listen to it all over again. Loved it more. It only seems slightly odd looking back because this was released in 1992, a few months after Nirvana blew up with Nevermind. No one knew at the time about Melvins getting picked up by Atlantic, so it seems unusual and perhaps now appropriate that they’d depart from an independent label with a set of music that sounded like it did here. Again, did one giant song really mark their entry onto a major label? The album also marked the debut of their new bassist, Joe Preston, whom I had known of as being a member of Earth. While his existence with the band was brief, he was more than welcomed. (You can see and hear more of him on their home video Salad Of A Thousand Delights.

    The new reissues from Boner are being released as two sets of two-record sets. This means Ozma and Bullhead will be released as one set, while Eggnog and Lysol, now called Lice-All due to the lawsuit, will be together as one. It may have come off odd to join these albums together opposed to Ozma with Eggnog or Bullhead and Lice-All but in many ways they’re fitting too, so that’s what fans will deal with. The new double records will be packaged with gatefold sleeves, featuring old photos of the band along with the original cover artwork. These sets will be out in the new year on January 20th. You may pre-order them below via Amazon.

  • VIDEO: Sama Dams’ “My Ears Are Ringing”

     photo SamaDamas_old_zps65ff3847.jpg
    “My Ears Are Ringing” may be something you say on a regular basis when you feel someone is talking about you, but maybe the people who are talking about you are a band from Portland named Sama Dams. The three piece group consisting of Lisa Adams, Sam “I’m not the former mayor of Portland” Adams, and Chris Hermsen and together they create bold and daring music that may sound comfortable but can be unpredictable at the same time, if you allow it to be. Have a listen to the song with the phrase within its title, “My Ears Are Ringing”, nicely animated by David O’Brien. As for the band name, Sama Dams is a nice way of mentioning lead vocalist Sam Adams without him being the one to blame, as they are a group, he’s not just the sole force. Make them your favorites now and throughout 2015.

    FREE MP3 DL: Theory Hazit featuring LMNO’s “It’s So Sweet (Soulseize Remix)”

    This may sound like a complex equation so follow me for just a moment. Theory Hazit did a song called “It’s So Sweet”. It features rapper LMNO and some turntable help from DJ PA. The song is from Theory’s Modern Marvels album on Illect, but this mix was done by Soulseize so if you liked the original, you’re sure to be into this new version too.

    VIDEO: Divo & GMJ’s “Soldier”

    Divo directed this video in the Dominican Republican for a song he did with GMJ called “Soldier”, for those who support and/or fight the cause, you know what they’re talking about. If you have no idea what they’re talking about, take a listen and see how life is on the island. You may have heard the song on Divo’s Inside The Vault street album but will also find its way on his forthcoming album, Transatlantic Soul.

    AUDIO: Rob Hayes featuring Bizoh’s “PHA (Pornhub Addict)”

    A part of me feels this could be hip-house, or hip-hop with an electronica touch, but this is “PHA”, which stands for “PornHub Addict”, referring to the streaming website full of porn of your choosing, where Rob Hayes brings in Bizoh as they talk about doing things for seven days, seven ways, it’s just too much. It’s a treatment that may be to your satisfaction.

    VIDEO: Hercules & Love Affair’s “Do You Feel The Same?”

    The weather may be getting quite cold in the northern part of the world but it doesn’t mean you should slow down or stop and not dance. The Feast Of The Broken Heart is the new album by Herclues & Love Affair and if you need a bit of motivation to move and/or gyrate in cold temperatures, definitely check out the song “Do You Feel The Same?”, which would either be a disco gem or a house classic, depending on your perspective. Allow it to be both at the same time.

    RECORD CRACK: Brass Bed stream new single

     photo BrassBed_old_zpsda901dc5.jpg
    Brass Bed are releasing new single that is a follow-up to their album last year The Secret Will Keep You. The songs are called “Be Anything” b/w “Mind The Gap”, and you may have a listen to them both below, with “Mind The Gap” available by clicking directly to the Soundcloud page. The record will be released by MA’AM Records, who have pressed it in two different color variations.
     photo BrassBed_vinyl_zpsdfe2347f.jpg

    The group have a few shows this weekend near their Louisiana headquarters so head out if you’re able to make it.
    November 21… Lafayette, LA (Blue Moon Saloon)
    November 22… New Orleans, LA (Publiq House)

    If you’d like to see how they may be on stage, check out their recent performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.