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It is that time of the year where I have to bring this up one more time, but it is that time that I have to renew my web domain once more, and I am asking for your help.

What I am placing is a “tip cup” of sorts. If you enjoy the type of coverage that I feature here at ThisIsBooksMusic.com and would like for it to continue, I am looking for your donation to continue the website for another year, if not more. If you are able to “give a tip” to ThisIsBooksMusic.com, you can do so via PayPal by clicking here. Your private information is secure when you donate via PayPal, and you are also able to make a donation even if you are not a PayPal member. The deadline is September 30th.

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VIDEO: Have a game of “Rigsketball” in Portland

Rigsketball from Juliet Zulu on Vimeo.

You want to know what’s going on in Portland, Oregon at any given time, but the city is huge and diverse. You want to knit, you want to read comic books, you want to climb stairs, you want to eat doughnuts, you want to scratch your buttocks on sidewalks, you can do all of these things and more. Upon doing some of these things, you may discover Rigsketball. In this case, it’s a tournament involving 32 different Portland bands who play basketball, but not just at the park, the river, a school, or anything. The basketball hoop is hooked up to a tour van, and they play wherever they can. To find out about the games at any given time, they have their own Tumblr page, or head to Juliet Zulu‘s in-depth article about it. It’s all about having a good time in the spare time, and if it involves scratching your buttocks on sidewalks or finding some homemade brews, so be it.

SOME STUFFS: Matt Kivel shares his “Insignificance” with you

 photo MattKivel_old_zpsa78cdfec.jpg
The new video by Matt Kiven is called “Insignificance”, directed by John Carchietta. It’s a song taken from Kivel’s latest album oN Woodsist Records called Days Of Being Wild, perhaps titled as a way to tell his children or grandchildren “your old man here was wild 20 to 40 years ago. You want proof? Have a listen.” Kids might ask “what is listening?” but that’s another topic, another time but right now, have a listen to this in modern times.

Kivel fans will be able to see him in the coming weeks, and they’re not just dates in California too, for he’ll be in North Carolina in September:

August 6… Los Angeles, CA (The Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever) *
August 7… Santa Ana, CA (Constellation Room) *
August 10… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) #
August 11… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar) #
August 12… Long Beach, CA (E. 3rd St. (Living Room Show) #
August 16… Pioneertown, CA (Woodsist Festival @ Pappy and Harriet’s)
September 4… Raleigh, NC (Hopscotch Music Festival)

* = w/ Christopher Owens
# = w/ Steve Gunn

SOME STUFFS: Salme Dahlstrom receives “Entertainment Weekly” exposure

 photo SalmeDahlstrom_old_zps0aab9d31.jpg
You may not know the name or identify with the face, but you may have heard her music many times before in commercials, TV shows, or films. She has been very healthy in getting her music out to the world via music licensing but she wants to take those skills towards making a name for herself. Salme Dahlstrom was recently in Entertainment Weekly so she’s off to… IO was going to say “off to a great start” but she has been doing well over the years, a continuation of her hard work and determination. She will release a brand new EP in September called Pop Propaganda Volume 2: Retro Funk Soul Junction and at least now you’ll be able to have a name and face with the sound. Have a listen to “Pop Ur Heart Out” and find out if it does. Pop your heart out, that is.

SOME STUFFS: Sleepmakeswaves awaken to share song from new album

 photo Sleepmakeswaves_old_zps332cb07b.jpg
Sleepmakeswaves have not been quiet in their Australian headquarters, in fact, they’ve been finishing up the final touches on their new album. It is complete, and they want to share a song with you. “Traced In Constellations” will find its way on their second long player, Love of Cartography (Bird’s Robe), so have a listen and make it glisten in your ears. September 23 is the day of release, please make a note of it.

AUDIO: Swoope featuring Dre Murray, Yaves Ellis, Tedashii, JGivens, & John Givez’s “#SameTeam”

Sinema by Swoope is on its way, you just have to mark August 5th on whatever you’re marking these days for reminders, and know what’s to come. You can have something now, a song called “#SameTeam”, which could mean a multitude of things but you have to hear what he, Dre Murray, Yaves Ellis, Tedashii, JGivens and John Givez are talking about.

AUDIO: Remi’s “XTC Party”

 photo Remi_old_zps9ac97ac3.jpg
When I heard and saw the title “XTC Party”, I thought maybe it was a tribute to the band XTC of “Senses Working Overtime”, “The Mayor Of Simpleton” and “King For A Day” fame but after hearing Remi‘s song, I realized it was not. Remi is a fly sort of gentlemen who does things on his own terms, and “XTC Party” is a different type of party, one that is meant to actually bring ecstasy to all parties involved. More music from Remi (a/k/a Remi Kolawole) will be be heard on his forthcoming album Raw X Infinity, to be out and about on August 25th.

RECORD CRACK: Jorun Bombay & The Rampagers’ “Polaris” b/w “Never Heard It Like This Before”

 photo Rampagers_label_zps38a41092.jpg
Hip-hop on a 7″ 45 rpm single? It’s 2014 and it’s true, and this one comes from Jorun Bombat & The Rampagers, who take Bob James’ “Nautilus”, flips things in an original fashion and comes up with this. One side features a nicely vocalized track while the other side is an instrumenal, for those who wish to continue the inventions even further. Phil Stroman, a/k/a The Soulman bka Phill Most Chill is also involved with this. The “Nautilus” feel is not only what you’ll hear but the labels also have a nice nick to CTI Records as well, so the homage is genuine. To hear excerpts of the A- and B-sides, play it below. For your copy (or three), head over to Fresh Pressings.

VIDEO: Compny’s “Begging Me To Come Back”

Compny are said to be “a collective” from different locales who “create music, video content, fashion and artwork”, so they’re
wanting to be diverse in a number of things. On the music side, the will be releasing a single on September 15th (courtesy of 203 Recordings/Believe Recordings) called “Begging Me To Come Back” and “Something Had To Give” and now you’re able to watch the visual side of their creations with the A-side. As basic as the concept for the video is, I like it a lot. Hopefully you will too.

VIDEO: Crobot’s “Nowhere To Hide”

Crobot has a slight Black Crowes vibe to themselves, in that their brand of hard rock is heavy and bluesy, which moves me in a major way “Nowhere To Hide” is how they could describe their music: confront their sound and you are unable to escape its embrace, which you wouldn’t do anyway. The song is from their self-titled debut EP on Wind Up.

BOOK’S JOOK: The S.O.S. Band’s “Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Part 1)”

  • Book’s Jook is a column dedicated to placing a record within my dream jukebox, if I were to have one. The Seeburg jukebox shown below is similar to the one I have wanted since I was a kid. To read more on why I started this column, click here.

     photo SOSBand_label_zpsc282abf0.jpg
    “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” will always be known to me as my “growing up” song. I was 9 and when you’re that age, you look forward to finally being in the double digits. It was 1980, it was a new era, a new time, my outlook on life may have been extremely limited but we were in a new decade, it was all about newness. Disco was allegedly dead and thus what The S.O.S. Band were doing were making a new type of music. It may have sounded like disco, and in my mind it didn’t even though it was literally still disco (or balancing on its borderline), yet being in a new decade, it sounded so new to me. There was a sense of optimism and when I heard the song on the radio for the first time, I loved it. I had to have the 45 and my mom bought me a copy. I played it endlessly, danced to it, loved everything about it: the claps, the synths, Mary Davis’ vocals, the balance of verses and the chorus, but it didn’t get that technical for me, at least not yet. I didn’t know who the singer was, and while I would eventually get their first album, I probably looked at the names and gave up figuring out who they were, partly because there was no photo of the band on the cover or non-existent inner sleeve. I’m sure I saw them on some TV show but seeing as music and videos were not synched on a regular basis, it wasn’t an issue. All I knew was that this group had a lady, the other people were guys, and that was that. Had no idea they were from Atlanta, didn’t know what a Tabu was (and I definitely wasn’t saying the word “taboo” at the age of 9), it was just the song.

    As for that song, I didn’t really know what the lyrics were about either. “Baby, if you do it, take the time, do it right/we can do it baby, do it tonight”. It was cute, maybe it’s about two people dancing to each other, but there was no sense of naughiness. At least not yet, that would happen a few years later and I realized they were being subtle if you were a kid, but once there was an awareness, it became very blunt. Years later, when I really got into “Just The Way You Like It”, a song which touched on a woman not caring if her man was seeing another woman because he will always come back to her, I started hearing these songs very differently. “Tell Me If You Still Care” may have been subtle too but the video had a couple coming out of bed in silky bed sheets. That left me wide eyed, iit wasn’t something one would see in a music video on a regular basis. Point is, The S.O.S. Band were sensual and romantic but it would take time and experience to know about it.

    Regardless of the topic, “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” was a great song to get down to, and I always loved the mix on the 45, edited nicely without going overboard, although when I got the album, the eight minute version was it and the 45 was left to the side. There was more to dance and get down to, the 45 almost seemed like an after-thought. However, I’d always think about the 45 edit. I heard it recently on a radio show out of Minneapolis and immediately my mind went back to the initial listen, where things were cut up nice and without delay before fading out. I wasn’t aware until today that there were three different variations of the Tabu 45 in the U.S., but mine was one of the copies (2nd or 3rd) that had “Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Part 2)” on the B-side, which featured a different arrangement of the second half of the album version. What I also didn’t know until today was that the song was recorded in 1979, so it seemed they were trying to hold on to what still existed but knew they had to move forward. The song is already reminiscing of the good times while being there to create new ones. Either way, the song takes me back when things were much more innocent, at least until the lyrics were understood and I learned I too wanted to take my time and eventually learn and understand what it meant to “do it right”.

    The version The S.O.S. Band lip-synched to on Soul Train is the 45 edit, so if you’ve never heard it before, you’ll note how different some portions are throughout. This is the hit version.